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Performance Health USA Complaints & Reviews

Performance Health USA - New York, Bronx / receiving the product without asking for it, then being billed for it.


I only remember opening an email to see what the product was about. next thing I know I am receiving a bottle of the product with no info attached. I did not open the bag waiting to see if a bill was coming, then soon another bottle with no info again. I received about 3 bottles which were still not open until I got some info. soon after I noticed that I had a strange unauthorized debit from my account, and within a month another unathorized debit. these bottles were returned refused the very next day. I also try reaching the company once I got a telephone for 4 days and that was mission impossible! I just want my money refunded back into my account and for them to stop sending those expensive pills!

Performance Health USA - Michigan, Detroit / Misguided information!


After receiving my sample "green tea" pills I tried to cancel my order within the ten days grace period. I was not able to cancel. Days later I discovered that I had been charged $79.95 for the month supply that I had not received yet. Since then, I have returned the sample "green tea" pills and the month supply of the pills. I returned both products on March 8th received confirmation on March 10th that the products had been delivered. My account has not been credited and I have no way to contact these people. Please help me. I want my money back. This was nothing but a rip-off. I did not know about the $79.95 charge until after I received the month supply bottle.

Performance Health USA - Michigan, Troy / Green tea ripoff!


This product was advertised as seen on Oprah -- 3.95 for s/h and you can cancel at any time. However, they are charging you $79.95 for 60 bills (30 day supply) and there is no phone number to call to cancel this.

Performance Health USA / Ultimate green tea scam!


This information is for anyone who has been scammed by the distributors of Ultimate Green Tea! The following is the contact info for this company. They are LEGALLY responsible to compensate you for all illegal Credit Card Fraud, that you did NOT authorize! Have your attorney send them a CEASE and DESIST letter and quote Arizona Revised Statutes, ARS *13-2105 and ARS *44-1522. I hope this helps everyone! You MUST fight back against this type of crime!!! York Galland, Manager Performance Health USA, LLC Paradise Valley Center, 11811 N. Tatum blvd. #3031 Phoenix, AZ 85028 YJG Partner...

Performance Health USA - Utah, Orem / Sent product without permission!


When I was offered the free trial, I was told in no uncertain terms that only the shipping charges of 3.98 would be charged. I told them I didn't want them to send me anything unless and until I told them to. I was given assurances that that wouldn't happen. I got the free trial sample of 10 capsules and today I got a shipment of a whole bottle of 60 capsules which I am sure will show up on my credit card statement next month. Trying to find their website is an adventure. Calling the number on my credit card statement results in those frustrating busy signals. These people should...