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Pepper Cash Complaints & Reviews

Pepper Cash / Total rip off

Dec 20, 2011

On August 2 I needed a small loan to pay some bills I fell behind on. I went on the internet to find a place I could get a $300.00 loan. I filled out an application and was contacted by Pepper Cash. I had agreed to their terms as I understood them. I was not aware that I had to call them when I wanted to pay them off. They never sent me a contract so I can't remember what the exact terms were. I never called them but every other week on my payday they took money out of my account. I first 5 times it was $105.00 and then the next 3 times it was $130.00, $121.25 and the last time wa...

Pepper Cash / Need a loan do not use pepper cash it is a fraud

Oct 23, 2011

I had recently used pepper cash to help with some bills. When I looked at my account to see how much has went towards my loan out of the $175.00 they took out of my bank account it showed 0 was applied to my account with pepper cash. I then email the company and they advise that the only way I will be able to pay this off is to pay it in full. This is not how payday loans work I know cause I have another one out with another company and they only charge a little every two weeks. When i contacted this company by phone they told me that it only goes toward the principle that is b**s***. I have...