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Pell Technology Complaints & Reviews

Pell Technology - Arizona, Gilbert / Poor service and communication


I requested a quote for a repair. Received reply within days indicating to send laptop. If system board repair was successful, $150.00 plus shipping would be cost. If not repairable, return shipping is only cost. Several weeks later, receive a notice of repair and bill for $185.00, which included return shipping. Paid same day of receipt of bill through Google. Processed two days later by Pell. Billing repair indicated laptop to ship two business days following payment. I waited for about 10 days before attempting to contact Pell. Their toll-free number is always busy. Called direct line in...

Pell Technology - Florida, 6020 W Chelsea St / Computer repair


I sent in my laptop to be repaired in excellent physical condition in my own box specially made for laptops with inside foam to cradle the laptop during the shipment. The computer would not turn on and I soon had an estimate for $220 dollars to fix the DC jack and the Motherboard-I paid the $220 dollars and got the laptop fixed and sent back out to me. When I opened the box I immediately noticed the apparent physical damage to the DC Jack area. I sent an e-mail ASAP with the complaint and called the very next day. After 12 minutes I finally got hold of the Manager named Herman who said he read...

Pell Technology / Terrible company


18-Dec-2008.I send my laptop toshiba to Pell Technology Inc. for fix the motherboard They say to me if they fix it they charge me for $200.00. I waiting about 6 weeks then I call them ( it really hard to call them ) I fill lucky they pickup the phone. They say my computer can't to fix, then I tell them send computer back to me, they ok send back to me with tracking #. but I waiting about 2 weeks then I call UPS tracking# The ups say my package losted, I need to talk with shipper. Then I call back to the shipper, (the pell technology, )I tell them about my package Lost at UPS, But they...