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Paradise Blue Complaints & Reviews

Paradise Blue / Non Disclosure

Feb 13, 2013

We were invited to sit in on a presentation they said would last only a few minutes. They made us leave our cell phones out at the desk. The presentation took 3 hours and they were EXTREMELY high pressure. They got angry if you acted like you wanted to leave. In fact, the lady nearly threw a fit. When we finally decided to try their service, they did not disclose things fully and did not give us an opportunity to read all the MANY pages in their packet. After we dsigned up and paid a large fee, when we did try to use the program, the pricing was a lot highter than they told us it would be...

Paradise Blue / scam


Paradise Blue is a SCAM! They are nice and friendly at first, but IF you buy and ask for a refund (which you are told there is no problem in getting your money back if you change your mind) they are rude and hateful. The reason you are not allowed to have your phone or go to the restroom is because they don't want you to check them out on the internet before they get your money...because trying to get your money back is almost impossible. Unless you are willing to be just as rude and hateful and spend part of your vacation fighting with them. How sad it is that there are people like thi...

Paradise Blue - Hawaii, Waikikii / No Service Provided


We got taken in Oahu also. No one ever returns calls the machine says press 1 for this 2 for that etc then disconnects you so in reallity they can't return a call they never received! They are so full of BS! I cancelled my debit card so they can't take any more money but have you figured out a way to take it off of your credit report. Why can't a group of us do a legal proccess like a class action lawsuit? Certainly with all the complaints and name changing they do the people would win. Don't you think? Please let me know if you have found out anything.

Paradise Blue - Hawaii, Honolulu / not a SCAM


My husband & I signed up for the Paradise Blue vacation club after attended their presentation. We found a lot of compains about this company on the internet after we left Hawaii. We cancelled it because we don't feel comfortable to deal with this company. Actally, they are so very friendly & easy going. We got our refund check one week after our cancellation & they didn't give us any hard time at all. I don't understand why other people had many troubles with them. One of the article said it has 160+ cases complain toward this company, we went to BBC web site to find out that...