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ortho white Complaints & Reviews

ortho white - Colorado, Louisville / Ortho Whie Ripped me off!

Mar 5, 2012

I tried the Ortho White teeth whiting product. I was sent a 30 day supply of the product for a seven day trial period. I was under the impression that I would only receive enough product to try the product for seven days. I only used the product for the trial period with no results. I then requested to cancel the product. My bank account was charged $78.41 for basically nothing. I requested to return the additional unused product, but was told by the company that I was no due a refund. I am now contacting my bank to disavow all charges.

ortho white - Colorado, Boulder / charges

Sep 23, 2011

I agreed to try the tooth whitening brushes for £1.00 only and in conversation with a representative it was confirmed that I had NOT signed up for anything else. On August 23rd $76.13 was taken and on September 20th another $82.08. I did NOT agree to any further charges and I have not had anything sent to me relating to the charges taken. No goods or invoices and DEFINATELY no agreement for any more charges. I require the company to send me back my money at once please. This had been a scam from start to finish. No agreement exists between Ortho White and me anywhere. Mr H Wright

ortho white - California / teeth whitening


purchased a free trial of Ortho White and paid $2.87 shipping and handling, the offer was on one of the app games from facebook or myspace. What I did not anticipate was the $84 after charge about a week later. I received the product after the charge. Then I figured, "Ok I get it nothing is free, they got me". about 3 weeks later I recieved another box. I called the phone number on the box to cancel the service. 2 weeks later, I called the company after recieving another $87 charge, and spoke to customer service. I asked, "I returned the product unopened and wanted to know when I would get my...

ortho white - Colorado, Boulder / free trial is not free-scam


I signed up for a 'free trial' agreeing to pay $2.87 for shipping charges to try Ortho white through a third party survey/prize award. Yes, I thought if I got through the survey I would get a free apple computer. Not! The third party made it clear I had to purchase 5 products...which after looking at it didn't amt to much...Being retired, having time, I thought why not. Well now I know why not. I didn't make it through the maze for the free apple but thought the Ortho offer for $2.87 was worth a try. Much to my surprise, I got my free trial from Ortho along with a charge of...