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On Demand Research / privacy violation, scam offers

Aug 05, 2013

email offer "from" TGI Fridays - complete survey, get $25 gift card turned into 50 pages (and more) of offers, I REFUSED ALL offers, answered "NO" every time, and finally got stuck on one page with about 10 companies listed which I answered "no" on every offer but would not go to next page. Huge labyrinth of garbage offers, and they got my birthdate (I lied!) and my cell phone - supposedly needed for Fedex to deliver the gift card. I gave them a wireless number but not a cell, because Fedex does NOT require CELL phone numbers to make a delivery, they just need a number. Right away my inbox...

On Demand Research / $25.00 Petsmart Gift Card Survey

Aug 30, 2014

I recently took a lengthy survey online with this company. I was given a confirmation number and instructed to add their web address to my email contacts and await further instructions. This survey was taken with the promise of a $25.00 Petsmart Gift Card. Here is the confirmation number given me upon taking the survey. yPVw9g69750d I have not received any further instructions in my email box nor by snail mail or phone. I think this is a scam and needs to be reported. If it were not for the fact that I have a small breed dog and live on a fixed income I NEVER would have wasted my limited internet minutes on the survey. Feeling like a fool. Thank you for your time.

On Demand Research / never recived my 25.00 gift cards for the 4 surveys i took

Mar 16, 2014

I have taken 4 different surveys and was promised 4 different 25.00 visa gift cards and or khols cards. I mailed in my confrimation pages after taking surveys and still have never recived my gift cards this is a complete scam its been 6 months and i have heard a thing from this company threw email/via usmail no response to my emais i sent complaing about not reciving gift cards either.

On Demand Research / $25 email said free pizza dominos

Jan 31, 2014

Received email stating complete survey and claim your Dominos Pizza gift card. There was only two questions regarding pizza and those two questions were only when you opened the email everything else had nothing to do with pizza. All this was is some marketing scheme so you can receive unwanted phone calls and promises of winning prizes and cash. All you have to do is answer question ranging from life insurance to food and or product. All I wanted was gift card to receive a pizza, I find this practice almost criminal. The research company is using a pizza give and a company name like Domino...

On Demand Research / criminals fraud terrorists

Aug 05, 2013

Email scam from TGI Fridays offering $25 coupon to fill out survey. They claimed they needed my address to send me the gift card, delivered by Federal Express, and claimed they required my cell phone to deliver to me. They also required my birthdate, often market research wants to know what year you were born, I filled it out with a fake date. The process turns into multiple surveys and hundreds of offers, 50 screens before I got stuck, never finished. I answered NO THANKS to EVERY SINGLE OFFER, and yet received "thank you for subscribing" letters in email box within minutes from reputable...