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Omega One Loans Complaints & Reviews

Omega One Loans - Massachusetts, Andover / SCAM


It has been a year today since Omega One Loans scamed me out of 950.00, I was in dire need of a loan, I beleived them when and thought this was the answers to my prayers and I was going to get the help I needed, I sent them the 950.00 as they asked waiting on my loan, well shame on me, there was no loan and all my phone calls got ignored, this all went down right at xmas time and I was devistated and felt ashamed and stupid that I would fall for this but I did, it was the worst xmas ever, anyway I filed all the complaints with all agencies and with the internet fraud agency what I can't...

Omega One Loans - Massachusetts, Andover / Fraud and scam


This is an online lending company that promises loans to individuals with bad credit. I stupidly applied for a loan to this company and they called to tell me that my application had been accepted. However, I would have to send 5 months worth of payments up front before I would receive any money. They even sent me a loan agreement over the internet. This did not set well with me so I started investigating. The first thing I did was google their address at 400 Federal Street and the only company listed at this address is Vicor Corporation. I contacted Vicor and was told that they were the ONLY...