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omega 2000 group Complaints & Reviews

omega 2000 group - California / tankless hotwater heater


I too have purchased a tank-less hot-water heater and I experienced much of the same as these other complaints. George is a crook!! Anyone who wishes an another participant in any action against this guy and his company should contact me. Something needs to be done!!!

omega 2000 group - California, Hemet / Rip Off


Ebay, Paypal, Wachovia, BBB, Bureau of Consumer Protection,, UPS, USPS, omega2000group Scam [redacted]. Here's how I got scammed by George Sararu from, omega2000group. This article involves Ebay, Paypal, Wachovia, BBB, The Bureau of Consumer Protection, and Did any of these businesses or organizations protect me? Will they really protect you? Reading this article will give you information you need to protect yourself. Here's my story... I was searching on Ebay for a tankless, gas, water heater. During the time I was searching on Ebay I received one of those...

omega 2000 group - California, Helmut / cheap misrepresented junk


He advertises this equipment as being US manufactured when in fact it is low end dangerous chinese. There are no instructions and the warranty is a sham. George sararu poerated from his mothers garage on a sprint cell phone. He is rude and just a common thief. He has a f rating with the Los Angeles BBB. If you google his name the facts are all there to see. If you google earth his factory address and corporate headquarters you will see a desert landscape and a shack behind some low rent housing. Be certain to view the street view. I hope you have better luck than I did with this Romanian Gypsy thief!

omega 2000 group - California, Hemet / non conforming product - ripoff


I am a builder in NH, that is currently looking for help in resolving an issue with a manufacturer / reseller in Hemet, CA. The manufacturer, Omega 2000 Group, appears to be nothing more than 1 person, George Sararu. He shipped me product that was not compliant to international or federal laws, and according to the federal code of regulations, by shipping me this product he is in violation of federal law. The products are 3 boilers manufactured in China that are only usable in Europe and not in the United States. He has refused to give me a refund, stating that is isn't illegal to sell...