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Olin Ross Complaints & Reviews

Olin Ross / Scams


Alliance Distributors Inc. 5101 West Rio Vista Avenue Tampa Florida 33634 United States of America Phone: (813) 886-5800? This is the address of the company that is in charge of the scam. From what I have read, you can get your money back, if you go to the address and demand it back. Please copy and paste this address. This scam is a crime and needs to be stopped. The only way a put a stop to this kind of crime is to be as aggressive as they are. Please tell as many people about this as possible including your local and state law enforcement. You should also consider contacting you congressmen!

Olin Ross - Colorado, Rocky Ford / SCAM!!!!!!!!


I just got scammed by a white man in A Dark Blue Dodge Ram. He sold me a Olin Ross 1020 for $300.00 I believed it was a good deal since he had a catalog with the product in it showing a MSRP for $2, 500.00. If anyone has any information about these guys please report them ASAP. I also had a brother-n-law that they tried to scam a few days ago, so they are trying to get as many people as they can around here. I plugged in the surround sound it worked for a few min then i lost all sound from it.

Olin Ross - Nevada, Las Vegas / SCAM FRAUD


Stop to get gas white pick up with a dent on the passenger side by the rear tire. He drives up and asks "interested in buying a home theater system?" my husband stops and goes to check it out. It's OLIN ROSS 6050 series. BEWARE apparently they buy them for $25 from china. Luckily we only lost $120 thank goodness I've heard of a nother person losing $600. Lesson learned the hard way NEVER BUY ANYTHING UNLESS ITS FROM A STORE!

Olin Ross - Michigan, Battle Creek / Scam Electronics


we were shopping at abc warehouse we came out with alot of stuff, (income tax return ), we were so happy. Then 2 guys drive up in a truck saying all kinds of stuff, so fast and then they park and say come over, my husband gets out and before we can say anything, they start saying their speach a mile a minute . I trust no one and am yelling get in the car babe, but hes a guy and they have speakers, next my 19 year old son gets out of his car and they literally start putting the stuff in his car without an answer, im yelling now, NO NO You dont even know whats inside, where its from, etc..., But...