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OAN Services Inc. Complaints & Reviews

OAN Services Inc. - New York / Fraud billing to our Veizon account!


I noticed unauthorized charges for OAN services inc. on my phone bill . They billed me $18.31/mo. for "miscellaneous charges and credits" . When I noticed it on myVerizon phone bill I called to cancel. I have no idea what this is and I never heard of this company. Today I have tried to call OAN, and have been on hold for over one hour. They made a fake recording in order to defraud me. And literally thousands of others.

OAN Services Inc. - Missouri, Fulton / unrequested services


I noticed unauthorized charges for OAN services inc. on my phone bill and called immediately to get them cancelled. They informed me they would cancel but I would still be billed this month. They offered to send a voucher. I told them I wanted my phone bill credited for the 2 months which after much arguing, they finally agreed to do. It has been 5 months now and I still have not received the credit, nor will ATT take off the charges. Today I have tried to call OAN back, and have been on hold for over one hour.

OAN Services Inc. - Louisiana, Slidell / unauthorized billing


This is a scam, pure and simple. If a class-action lawsuit hasn't been filed, it should be. Apparently this company tells different lies to different complaint callers. I just discovered that AT&T, which apparently will post any charge in the universe without documentation, had been adding $9.20 a month for past several months to my home phone bill. For an alleged service I never asked for nor received. I called the number for OAN 1-800-926-7514 and got a poor child named Nicole. She told me OAN was an offsite computer data storage service. I have no idea whether that is true. Nicole...

OAN Services Inc. - Indiana / charges on ATT phone bill


I recently looked over my ATT phone bill and discovered that I was paying for a voice mail service that I already had through ATT and found out that my 17 year old son signed up for a 1000.00 dollar shopping spree (which he never got) the total amount I was charged was 92.57 . when I asked att about this they said that third party companies were aloud to do such a thing, I was in shock that they would let something like that happen . If myself or my wife want to change anything on our service we have to give a security code # and other information before we can do anything. I was told that I...

OAN Services Inc. / Fraud


I totally agree with the complaints I have read regarding this company, OAN Services fraudulent billing. I noticed in my February AT&T phone bill a $8.23 charge, and when I call the number on my bill the lady told me they will cancel the service, but it will take couple of billing cycles before my account will be credited with that amount. Unfortunately this company has been billing me since October of last year. I am extremely disappointed with AT&T for a poor job of informing its customers when a new service shows up on the bill.

OAN Services Inc. - Alabama / Slamming/Cramming FRAUD!


When I noticed my 82 yr old Father was being charged $8.72 a month for 3 months by OAN on his AT&T Phone. I was irate. No one ever authorized any such service. I contacted AT&T from the site I use to pay this bill. They emailed they had contacted OAN, and within 2 billing periods there should be a resolution and suggest I put a "billing restriction/ block" (I haven't checkd yet, but I have no doubts there would be a FEE for that service! I then checked OAN out with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) which had many INQUIRIES of the Company, fewer complaints. At that point I picked up the...

OAN Services Inc. / Beware


Got my telephone statement with these charges dated on a Sunday at a time that I was at church and I am the only one at this residence no way could any one call from this phone I told him not unless my cats which I have not taught them how to use the telephone as of yet I call them once in a while so they can hear me They said that the charges would be taken off and would show on my next statement I called my phone company and related what I had been told by this oan service company.

OAN Services Inc. - Tennessee / Fraud billing to our Bell-South account!


They have been billing our Bell-South Account for over a year and a half. Charges I have refused to pay. OAN denies they even have an account with us. I have had the charges blocked, but AT&T is still holding us responsible and have denied us service because they are not paid.

OAN Services Inc. / False billing!


They billed me $31.75/mo. for "web hosting" supposedly saying one of my employees said she was authorized to sign up for this over the phone. RIP OFF! Tell all employees to just hang up on any of these phone robbers.

OAN Services Inc. / Telephone billing fraud!


My latest Verizon home telephone bill included a surprise from OAN Services Inc. It showed a call to their directory assistance was made 3/25/07. To use this service it says we dialed 1015158000 and for the privilege charged with taxes $7.57. The only directory service number we know is 411 and with this kind of rate for OAN Services it makes no sense to use. I call the OAN number on my Verizon bill and the agent easily agreed to send a check for the full amount and offered to block further use of their service from my number, which I accepted. There is just something fishy about thi...