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Oakwood Homes Complaints & Reviews

Oakwood Homes / Nightmare


We purchased an Oakwood mobile home for our retirement home. Big mistake. It's a piece of junk. I have contacted the president of the company to no avail. At first they promised to make things right and even to sell it for us. Never happened. They use inferior everything in this house. No upgrades are available. Every counter in this house is scratched and cheap. The crown molding is covered in putty or something and has turned yellow which you can't get off due to it being so cheap. Don't buy Oakwood homes. They don't stand behind what they sell.

Oakwood Homes / Just don't deal with them


Let me tell you those outside building you can buy already built are better than a doublewide we got from Oakwood. At the time they knew we need a home, but that is what we wanted a home not a falling apart piece of junk. They kept telling first oh you can get this big house, than we ended up with a small doublewide that looks like kids put it together with staples. The walls are like tissue paper and all the fixtures are falling off the walls, no studs behind them. You can stand next to the windows and feel the cold air pouring in not to mention the heat in summer. I could go on and on. Just don't deal with them unless you have loads upon loads of money to fix up the mess of a home you get.