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NuSkin Complaints & Reviews

NuSkin / Fraud

Aug 29, 2011

I placed an order for a free 30 day acai berry trial which i only had to pay S&H for and in the small print at the bottom it said that if I didn't cancel within 30 days I would be charged for a month's supply. A week later I tried to cancel the order. I emailed the company's website and wrote them to cancel my order. However, a month later this charge came up on my visa: JAN 14 PRO¯BODY 866¯407¯5590 SINGAPORE 74556220014017002771629 Foreign Currency¯USD 119.02 Exchange rate¯1.055620 $125.64 JAN 14 NUSKIN 866¯484¯6361 SINGAPORE 74556220014017002870660 Foreign...

NuSkin / Unauthorised Credit Card Charge

Jul 25, 2011

A Charge of $119.02 USD has appeared in my account. From calling NUSKIN Australia, NUSKIN Singapore and NUSKIN America it appears that I do not have an account with this company. I've reported this to my bank and they say that it is from NUSKIN Pharamicuticles. I will be following legal action if this charge is not refunded and any furthur charges cancelled. MY Bank will also be following legal action.

NuSkin / Skaming innocent people


Just wanted to let others know that once you become a distributor... the pressure of always spending more money with this company is ON! The higher you climb in the company, the more you have to spend to keep up your level requirements... so STAY AWAY FROM JOINING IF YOU ARE SMART!!!