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Newport Cigarettes Complaints & Reviews

Newport Cigarettes / menthol 100 cigarettes

Jaclyn Nicole Fuchick on Nov 12, 2018

The last few packs of Newport 100 menthols I've purchased have been stale/half empty of tobacco. If I don't pack the cigarettes they are so loose that a lot of the tobacco just falls out of the cigarette. If I do pack them I have about a half inch of paper at the end of my cigarette and down by the filter the cigarette bends and they break easily. Plus they are almost stale and taste funny as soon as I open the pack. As much as these cigarettes cost I would expect to have a fresh cigarette that is full of tobacco, not this loose, stale version of a Newport...what happened here? Am I the only one that has noticed this, am I just being picky? Or has the quality of Newport cigarettes drastically declined lately?

Newport Cigarettes - Alabama, Mobile / cigarettes

Christine O Thomas on Sep 27, 2018

I bought a carton of cigarettes for $68.00 to open them and every cigarette in every pack was stale and I had to throw the entire carton away... I've been smoking newports for 20 plus years and im really pissed and disappointed because the cashier wouldn't even give me another carton... The cashier had the audacity to suggest that I try another brand or stop smoking... Newport is the smoothest menthol cigarette I have ever had and im a valued customer but I would hate to have to switch brands... Can newport resolve this issue

Newport Cigarettes / cigarettes was not seal tobacco was falling out

Angie Davenport on May 26, 2018

5/26/18 open pack and taken out a cigarette and the tobacco just fail out so I took out another cigarette out of the pack and the same thing happen, the whole pack was like that. I have taken a picture so you can see just what I am talking about, It was as if they only put the tobacco at the beginning of the cigarette, I have taken the pack back to the store but they don't do refunds after you have left the store due to safety issues so I was just out of luck, Cigarettes cost too much for stuff to be happening like this. I am very disappointed in the Newport cigarette company. I really deserve a refund for the cigarettes I didn't have a chance to even smoke. Ms. Davenport (617) 253-7921

Newport Cigarettes - New York, Bronx / they were stale

Vickie Torres-Figueroa on Mar 26, 2018

I am a smoker and I went to buy a pack of Newport cigarettes and they were stale. I went back to the store where I bought them and explain to the owner and he refuses to give me another pack. How can I get my money back or give another pack of cigarettes? How can this stores sell stale cigarette to people that have to spend so much money on cig. I pay $13.00 a pack and I'm not a proble person to I just walk away. Thats why I decided to file a compliant. Can't someone help me and replace those stale cig.

Newport Cigarettes - Maine, Portland / stale cigarettes

Madmike024 on Aug 19, 2017

I've been smoking newports for well over 5 years. A few days ago I went to buy my weekly carton down at the Mobil on Congress street in Portland Maine. They're a little pricey, but the only place open at the time. When I opened the first pack they were stale and had tiny rips in the paper. So I opened another and had the same issue. The whole carton was stale (believe me I know the difference). They clerk told me to take it up with corporate but they won't reemberce me. As a faithful customer I am disappointed

Newport Cigarettes / there claiming giving me 7 free cigarettes carton

Sapphire M Shimmel on Feb 5, 2017

I've tried to apply three times or more for the free cigarette thing that they're giving away and it said I I qualify for each time it is never let me finish nor get what I was supposed to have no I am embarrassed because of the stuff that I sent people and it's not working and it's what they wanted us to do is send it to 15 people and I did multiple times and I got screwed over they should not be posting seven three cartons of cigarettes and it don't work I feel that actually gives us seven free cartons of cigarettes to the people that they screwed over people on

Newport Cigarettes - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / I got a survey to fill out for free carton and i did all the steps and it never registered me.

Aaron Rooney on Feb 1, 2017

Got a survey for free carton for Newports anniversary sent to friends like steps said too filled out other steps nd nothing registered. I been smoking Newports for 20 years now. Im upset that if that was a fake ad for Newports i will spread the word in many ways. Please look into my registering for this anniversary give away. Please. Thank you. My email address is [email protected]

Newport Cigarettes - Michigan, Hudson / faulty filters

William Boyd on Jun 9, 2012

Filters on ciggarettes are less than satisfactory. Not burning properly... Tabacco is missing from ciggarettes. This has only recently been a problem. My partner and I are faithful newport smokers and have been for over 15.. Please make this right.

Newport Cigarettes - Texas, Killeen / no number and no tobacco or filter

I bought a pack of newport shorts (cigarettes) and i've smoked a couple. I went to get a cigarette out of my pack and I found a cigarette pack with no filter and a couple of strands of tobacco in it. I was upset to find this in my pack. I paid for 20 cigarettes not 19 and a piece of paper! I decided to call the newport cigarette company to complain... But what I found was that newport does not have their number on the box nor can you find their number on the internet. When I actually came across the newport official website I could not access it because I am under the age of 21. What sense...

Newport Cigarettes / stale cigarettes


i have been smokin newports since i was 16 i am now 31 i have never had a problem til today i went to the gas station today a bought 5 packs of ciggs so i open the first take one out light it stale as heck so i open the next same thing and so on and so forth well i go back to the station and tell them same cleark i bouth them from and he says take it up with them i can not refund u that money well i am a single mom money is tight i couldnt afford for that to happen and now i have no way to contact the company cant find the number or address isnt that a shock just my luck so if someone can please help me with this that would be great my name is Diana ty soo much

Newport Cigarettes / causing illness


What a rude awakening to be a smoker for years and then one day cigarettes are no longer the same. They smell strange, taste strange and make my throat burn. This in addition to chest pains, abdominal discomfort, dry eyes, vision changes, headaches, dizziness and more. What is the point of this additive? Reducing fires sure ain't it. I'm thinking... B I O W A R F A R E ...and someone is sitting back taking notes on how many are being affected and they are getting away with it!

Newport Cigarettes / durrability

hi my name is brian, i have benn purchaseing newports for about a year now and im just fed up with the box stateing crush proof box. but every day i go to work or is with friends/family the box and cigarettes get crushed and ruined. i just wanted to know why a box of cigarettes states crush proof when they just get ruined anyway. i am just disgusted. i will not be purchasing newport cigarettes any more, thank you.

Newport Cigarettes / would not sell me any cigarettes!

I work 1/2 mile from the store located at the intersection at shelby drive and getwell. I work for johnstone supply located at 4065 pilot, memphis, tn. I have been doing business with this store for the past 2 years and have never seen anything like this before. On Monday 5-21-07 at approximately 7:45 a.m my son an i stopped for some newport cigarettes which happened to be on sale these past few weeks. My son went into the store to buy me a pack of newport. Not realizing he did not have his id with him this day he came back to the car and explained to me what happened. I then went inside to...