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Neckline Slimmer Complaints & Reviews

Neckline Slimmer / Excessive unauthorized charges

Sep 5, 2011

If you are interested in this item, I suggest you order from Ebay, Amazon, or some other company besides the informercial's website. The company website tag on additional charges that you won't be aware of until the order is complete!!! I thought I was only purchasing the neckline slimmer 19.95 + 7.95 shipping, whereas at the end of my order the total price was close to $72.00 (ridiculous) They added the cream which was an extra $7.95 shipping, a foolish carrying bag for $19.99 and a extra $7.95 shipping for that. Not to mention I tried calling their...

Neckline Slimmer - California, Los Angeles / sprained neck


I purchased a neckline slimmer product at Bed Bath and Beyond and the product must have strained the muscles in my neck, as I developed horrible neck stiffness and pain, with awful headaches daily from the neck pain. I was unable to sleep because of the severe neck pain and headaches. The company was rude and rufused to do anything but tell me that no one has ever complained except me. I doubt that that is true, but it does matter as I have been in pain for over a month. They refused to give me permission to seek medical advice, and finally sent me a certified letter which cost them over $5.00...

Neckline Slimmer - Wisconsin, Neenah / Mail fraud


BEWARE ordering online. This company is perpetrating a fraud along the lines of Enzyte seller Steve Warshak and Berkely Premium Nutraceuticals. Warshak got 25 years in the federal pen, and many of his employees were also put away for multiple years.  The Neckline folks are billing online customers -- and perhaps phone-paying customers, too -- an extra $8 for fake neck cream. By the time customers realize they are facing the extra charge, it's too late. Repeated calls to customer service, even a day after the initial transaction, are met with an agent who claims to be unable to access to...

Neckline Slimmer - Texas / Deceptive Hidden Charges


I went online to order a Neckline Simmer after I tried it at a friend's house. I hated the whole ordering process. It kept asking to order more products and I kept declining, I was going to cancel the whole thing but did not have a choice. It never asked me to confirm the order before the deal was closed. It gave me a total of 15.90 for shipping because they charge $7.95 extra for shipping the "free" cream which you cannot decline. SCAM!!! I was so angry, I called the customer service and she said that it was explained on the home page - never saw that.. and when I asked how long does it take to get the product, she answered 2 to 4 weeks. I was OUTRAGED!!! I felt totally at their mercy.

Neckline Slimmer - Wisconsin, Neenah / scam


Web site where you place your order is deceitful. It asks you if you want additional items and even if you say no, when you check out those additional items are automatically there. You have no option to make changes to items in your cart because there is no cart. They get your credit card info up front so you are already going to pay more than you thought you would. Then when you call, you are told that it can take 24 hours or more for your order to show up so they cannot assist you. When your order finally shows up in their system, no changes can be made because it is already in the...

Neckline Slimmer - Wisconsin, Neenah / fraudulent sales tactics


This was an automated phone system. I gave my order for the Neckline Slimmer @$19.99 plus $7.95 S&H. I was then asked for my credit card info. and thought that I was through. Instead of a confirmation or an opportunity to cancel, I was forced to stay on the phone through a list of products, fearing that if I hung up they would send everything. When I did end the call, I called back to try to cancel the order, because I was angry. I was told that my order was not in the system yet. I tried the following morning, and was told the same thing. I then called every 1 1/2 hours, and on the last call...

Neckline Slimmer - New York / ID Theft and overcharge


I ordered the Neck Slimmer from the Internet because I had seen it advertised on TV. I believed the charges would be less than twenty dollars, yet they charged me $60.00. I ONLY ordered the Neck Slimmer... not all of the other garbage they were promoting. When I complained to them they refused to refund my money and gave my credit card number to other companies on the Internet and I started seeing charges from those companies on my bank account. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, the Police in the state that I ordered from and I recently received a letter from the Attorney General of...

Neckline Slimmer / Fraudulent


I went online this morning and ordered one neckline slimmer and said no to ALL other offers. I clicked on all the 'No's" for other products. Imagine my surprise when my order indicated I had ordered TWO neckline slimmers. I checked the address and it was totally different from what I had typed. I immediately called the customer service number and the voice said they didn't recognize my phone number...duh, I ordered online. I called my credit card company and was told the charge had not surfaced yet and to call again later this afternoon. I called the customer service number again...

Neckline Slimmer - Wisconsin, Neenah / fraud


OK, you have read all of the other complaints about the Neckline Slimmer. I would say the same, but I was not content to just ### about it. I went to the Wisconsin Department of Justice and filed a consumer complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP). SAS Group is a distribution company for a host of products, including the infamous Awesome Auger- check out the list at the Wisconsin Better Business Bureau. The BBB is a wet noodle when it comes to enforcement of anything, so don't waste time filing a complaint with them (even though plenty of...

Neckline Slimmer / buying why?


my question is why spend all that money for something you can do yourself using dynamic resistance that you already have your own hand? you can place you hand or fist under your chin and move you neck downward and get the same results! and adjust the amount yourself just do sets of 10 or 20 with reps of 3 each day.

Neckline Slimmer - Ohio, Cincinnati / Unethical practices


I went to order the Neckline Slimmer online. The order process was confusing. After entering my personal information, I got a screen that talked about getting additional sets for $14.95. At the bottom, it asked me how many sets I wanted, not how many additional sets I wanted. So, I entered 1. Then, it kept offering me other items which I didn't want. Then, after all of the questions, my order was processed and was given an order number. The problem was, I never got a review page to make sure my order was placed correctly. My order wasn't correct. It showed I ordered 1 unit at $19.95...

Neckline Slimmer / Warning Charge more than they advertise


Neckline Slimmer advertises $7.95 shipping and handling and then charges $15.00. On top of that, they include an extra Neckline Slimmer and up the shipping to $26. So, something that you think is going to cost $26.00 ends up being $68. Their is no order review before they process the order and they don't disclose this up front. Then you can't get anyone on the phone in their customer service to cancel the order. Bottom line, they are scam artists. Do not order from them, whatever you do. If you made the mistake of ordering online, contact your credit card company and refuse to pay.

Neckline Slimmer / Misleading charges


Warning! You WILL be charged $15.90 instead of the advertised $7.95 s/h fee automatically as the "bonus" cream WILL BE INCLUDED and charged separately as an additional shipping fee!!! No choice and no preview and no warning before your payment is received! Even if you return the package, the $15.90 s/h WILL NOT be refunded. In other words, the product will cost you $35.89 no matter what. Be very, very sure you really want everything they offer as "BONUS" since you will have no choice but pay for DOUBLE shipping/handling once you click "Submit"!

Neckline Slimmer / Insufficient Disclosure


The website indicated that shipping and handling would be $7.95 - it asked for name, address, and credit card number and then never disclosed that S&H would actually be $15.90 until the order had already been placed. It then only displayed the receipt page for a short time barely allowing it to be closely examined. So far I have not yet received a receipt by email even though they requested my email address. Before I could place the order they forced me to consider buying additional products on at least additional web pages - overall this is high pressure, somewhat deceptive sales practices.