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Nationwide Medical Equipment Complaints & Reviews

Nationwide Medical Equipment / Double billing and lying


Nationwide Medical Inc. is truly one of the most unethical companies out there. When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea six years go, my health insurer, United Health Care, contracted with Nationwide Medical to supply me with a C-Pap machine and associated tubes and masks. The machine worked great and I got regular shipments of tubes and masks. After three years, I inquired about getting a new machine, one with a self-contained water tank because I lived in the Northeast. I had grown tired of attaching an external tank in the winter. Nationwide Medical told me to wait another two years. Little did...

Nationwide Medical Equipment / Warning


Warning!!!...Do Not do business with Nationwide Medical Inc. Look online for your CPAP Supplies...they will be 1/2 as expensive!! They will also let you know the price before your hit with a HUGE BILL!!! Other Companies will send you what you order, not things you haven't and then bill you for it, like Nationwide Medical does. I only hope I have helped just ONE other person from getting taken advantage of by Nationwide Medical Inc. They should be ashamed of their over pricing and way of doing business. I feel one of their goals is to rip off Patients and Insurance Companies.