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National Arbitration Forum Complaints & Reviews

National Arbitration Forum - New York / Illegal Trials


At first I thought this trial was a scam. They are not.The National Arbitration Forum charges and convicts you without a legal trial or even notifying you. All you receive is an e-mail that God herself, Sandra Franklin, has found you guilty. They do not even address you by name, only your e-mail . Phony? No, they are real. They list your computer IP and to clear that, they want you to pay them! I would suggest everyone check their site to see if you are listed by Judge and your (GOD) Sandra Franklin.Who alone decides you are guilty without a trial in the United States. We were evidently guilty of...

National Arbitration Forum - New York, Pleasant Valley / illegal trials and decisions


I found out the hard way and other people should be aware and scared. If you live in the United States you can be charged, and have an entire trial hels against held you without ever being told. The National Arbitration Forum with only one panel member deciding YOUR fate is Sandra Franklin. They only use your e-mail adress not even your real name. They call you respondent. They charge you with a crime without notifying you. On November 6th 2005 I turned my computer on, On the screen was a notice informing me That a Decision had been reached in my CASE, My name was Respondent and Sandra...