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Jan 28, 2012

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. If you apply for a loan and are transferred across to this companies website, DO NOT COMPLETE THE DETAILS FORM. Like many others, I realised just in time (or so I thought) that the company was asking for a fee, so I did not finalise my application. However, the scammers still took £69.99 from my account. I rang them up and the customer service woman was exceptionally rude, sarcastic and mocking. I have reported them here These people need to be stopped NOW / Youve been warned

Dec 17, 2011

i have been bombarded with calls from loan companies recently and i remember getting a call last week. The girl on the phone said i had been accept for a loan and needed to go through a few details to get my claim going. she asked if i was emplyed address living at home ect then She asked for my bank details and i gave them to her. Then she said they will charge a fee and i immediatly with out any hesitation said no thanks i do not wish to continue. She tried to persuade me into signing up bt i continuasly refused to do so. Now a week later i realise that the£69..99 has been took out of...