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i have been bombarded with calls from loan companies recently and i remember getting a call last week. The girl on the phone said i had been accept for a loan and needed to go through a few details to get my claim going. she asked if i was emplyed address living at home ect then She asked for my bank details and i gave them to her. Then she said they will charge a fee and i immediatly with out any hesitation said no thanks i do not wish to continue. She tried to persuade me into signing up bt i continuasly refused to do so. Now a week later i realise that the£69..99 has been took out of my account !. i rang the bank and because i had willingly given my details to the company it wasnt considered as fraud.they recommend that i ring upthe company as they had there details it was enhance financial services. i rang them and they said they got my details from MYLOAN.CO.UK. i tried ringin myloan up and there lines are completly dead . what do i do now ?

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  • Be
    Betty Pope Feb 16, 2017
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    Hey Guys!!!

    I got my ATM blank card from Certified Ghost Hackers from USA. My blank ATM card can withdraw $3, 000 daily i know its sounds too good to be true but i am sharing this info because i got this said blank ATM card after i was ripped off by two fake hackers from Nigeria; YES' Its true that scammers are out that ripped me off until i finally got hold of this hackers from USA that delivered the card to me after i paid the purchasing fee for the card, now i have more than enough to spend and planning on getting a home for myself soon. This card has been functioning for over a week now and everything seems like magic because I've enough for me & my 2 kids. Thanks to ghost-hackers from USA that mailed the card to me within 72 hours, get in touch with these hackers to become rich & i bet you no gimmicks!! They are REAL.. Get one from them by reaching out to this email address: [email protected]

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  • Er
    ernest spring Jan 03, 2017
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    You can hack and break into a bank's security ATM Machine without carrying

    guns or any weapon. How is this possible? First of all we have to learn

    about the manual hacking of ATM MACHINES and BANKING ACCOUNTS HOW THE ATM

    MACHINE WORKS. If you have been to the bank you find out that the money in

    the ATM MACHINE is being filled right inside the house where the machine is

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    blank ATM Card which you can use in any ATM Machine around the world. this

    card is been programmed and can withdraw 8, 000 USD within 24 hours in any

    currency your country make use of there is no ATM MACHINES this BLANK ATM

    CARD CANNOT penetrate into it because it have been programmed with various

    tools and software before it will be send to you. The card will make the

    security camera malfunction at that particular time until you are done with

    the transaction you can never be trace. it also has a technique that makes

    it impossible for the CCTVs to detect you, there are so many other hacker

    out there whom claim to be real you have to be very careful they can never

    create this card all they want is your money. no ATM card can be able to

    withdraw $50, 000 usd each day that is impossible, getting the card you will

    forward the company your address details so we can proceed to send the card

    to you once you agree to the terms and conditions. you can contact us on

    email now at [email protected]

    Or ( +[protected] )



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  • Co
    courtney2734 Aug 21, 2014
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    I had a similar problem today.
    Im a single mom on benefits. im living in a small town with no jobs anywhere.
    5 months ago I applied for a loan with wonga my washing machine had broken and I had no way of buying a new one with what the job center give me I was handwashing clothes for ages wich was costing me loads on my gas and electric. i was having to put 15 pounds each on my gas and electric and had hardly enough to cover both food and my other bills e.g tv licence waterbills, a social fund i had last year to cover christmas and a new bed for my daughter* so money was and still is very limited. sostupidly i applied for a loan with wonga to buy a new washing machine. then 5 months later *today* I log into my online banking account because I got paid, and find £67.88 has been taken out from my account without any information as to who took it and what is was for. so I phoned my band and they told me that has taken the money out. the bank didn't give me anymore informations. So I looked on the internet for there number phoned them and they said thats not us and he went on to explain that they are a scam company and there name is actually he gave me there number but told me its an automated service. he then told me to phone the FCA *The financial conduct agency* So I did this and they took all my details. and told me that they are on there register and that means that they have to follow there rules and regulations. wich gave them authority to make a formal complaint wich would mean they would have to act and sort this out. he then told me to phone my bank because due to the FCA rules and regulations the bank is meant to refund any money that has been taken with consent. so I did this I phoned the bank and they told me that there is no possible way they can do this due to the fact I had apparently created a membership with I had never done this. I could even prove it to them. So not only did stolen money from my account but they had commited fraud. they created a member ship in my name with all my deatils aswell. so I phoned to police and they put me through to the action fraud team and they took all my details. there currently investigating they told me to phone the bank bank and tell them what you have found out. as soon as I mentioned to the woman that i have the police and action fraud team involved she immediatly put me through to the visa debt dispute department and they said they will be refunding me and im to destroy my bank card and any letters from the bank so ive done this, but the problem have caused me is unreal. i have 31 pounds left that i cant touch because i have to wait for my card ontop of that i was meant to visit my brothers grave because its the anniversary of his death this month and i was meant to by flowers a new vase and trinkets and i cnt do this now because more than half the money is gone. Im so angry.

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  • Ri
    rimck Aug 11, 2014

    myloan-now head office ... switchboard for the buildings01473 276100 ask to be transfered to Katsea financial solutions... md id peter tuvey.. if he isn't available soeak to a chap called Barry... Masterlord Office Village, W Rd, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9FJ
    [protected] good luck with this skanks

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  • Av
    averagealexz91 Aug 04, 2014

    So £49.99 go taken from my account, i have cancelled my card and even
    made a fraudulent claim with my bank, who came back to tell me that they
    can't do anything as My Loan now told them i applied for a loan with
    them, which i didn't.
    It's so rubbish that there contact number does not work and tells you to
    send a email, which they refuse to help anyways. They said it's been
    past 14 days and we can't do anything even though i was not aware of
    this charge and company and have not taken any loans with them or anyone
    I am currently emailing them everyday until i get my refund, i have also contacted trading standards and money advice service.

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  • Rb
    rbrt672 Jul 31, 2014


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  • Ki
    kirstymarie Jul 31, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Hi guys
    Thanks for all your info, ive checked my account today and i have been scammed TWICE!! Once for £49.99 then foe £67.98, really unbelievable. I had no loan only made an enquiry. I have no money for important bills, my Partner is ill in hospital with a 2nd stroke and my Dad is in hospital 60 odd miles away and may have to have his leg amputated.My Bank Account has no overdraft facility, I am overdrawn by £!25.
    God help these theiving ###, dont know how the sleep at night

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  • Al
    alan mason Jul 02, 2014

    my name is alan mason 25/06/14 you took £67.99 from my bank acount with out my consent i did not have aloan from you my email is [email protected] please could send me a refund form please.

    thankyou.Mr.Alan Mason


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  • Pi
    picks Jul 01, 2014

    When I realised that they debited £67.88 from my account I emailed them demanding my money back within 4 hours I received a reply stating date and time they recorded my complaint I was informed I needed to go to the homepage scroll down to bottom go to refund and apply there which I did.I mailed them daily and threatened with solicitors and police.They replied each time telling me they have the right to refund within 14 days.I mailed them first time on the 27th June and today got my money back 1st of July.Though I never even applied for any loan offered to me let alone not even completed the application I never believed I be getting my money back.I am so happy that I did.I never apply or start applying for a loan on line again.
    When I read all the poor reviews about them I was scared I be out of pocket.I do not understand how in the western world finance companies can charge me to be able to borrow how can this be legal?On their site it says they will charge a fee yet not instantly but in 4 weeks time my money was debited before I logged out.I say scam but was lucky to be refunded if it was due to my constant threats of police or if they do, do refund I do not know.

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  • Je
    jessicalt Jun 19, 2014
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    I have also been bombarded with text messages so on Saturday I decided to look at loans direct. They said i had been accepted for a £500 loan all they needed was my bank details i typed in my details the next thing they told me I would be charged around £69. I sent them an email to cancel i heard nothing back. I went to the bank found that money had been gone but not from loans direct from a company called loan wizard UK and my loan/now.I had never even heard of these companies the bank told me because i had given them my details I'm giving them permission to take money which is completely wrong!! The bank had to cancel my card and they will only investigate these companies if they try to take money again. The bank also told me to get hold of these companies tried looking for loans direct turns out the site i was on has gone ! I have sent an email to loan wizard I am waiting a reply, there are two companies for my loan one is my loan/ now the other is just my loan. I got through to my loan they said i was not a member with them but give me the number for my loan now as they said many other people had the same problem i have rang them and cant get through i cant find them on here either! The banks should have more power to get the money back an be able to stop them i didn't give any permission for them to take money from me! I have two young children and bills to pay that i cannot pay now and have been ripped off by these robbing b'sss.!!

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  • Co
    constantin scripcaru Jun 16, 2014

    i want to cancel my application because i wanted to borow some money not somebody to take money from my account without having my consent.i was to the bank and they told me to cancel my apllication because this is a fraud

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  • Ms
    MSCJ May 12, 2013

    My son was mugged by these thieves also when they helped themselves to £69.99 from his account after he enquired about a loan. When I found out I e-mailed them the following " To whom it may concern,
    I enquired on your website about a loan and you helped yourself to £69.99 from my bank account. I realised afterwards this is discreetly written in your T &C s. However written in your conditions, as below, you will refund this money if no loan is entered in to within the first 6 months I would appreciate you doing so as I have not entered in to a loan. Due to what has happened already I am not happy to enter my bank details in this e-mail so please would you e-mail me back with a telephone number so I can discuss this and provide the relevant details for a refund. I have also taken legal advice on this matter and am requesting this in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974" I sent them a few e-mails chasing them up and they did refund the money minus £5. Thomas was the name of the person I dealt with at My Loan. I would suggest anyone asking for a refund just cut and paste these words and stick them in an e-mail. Good luck!

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  • Ri
    rita scrivens Apr 11, 2013

    hi can you give me my money back as you have taken it from my account as i have not had any loans from you asap,

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  • Se
    Sean Mullarkey Apr 06, 2013

    It was really easy to get my money back with them, call them up they close your account and they email you a refund form email back after 30 days they send you a cheque or bank transfer done .

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  • Ke
    kerrie lynn Mar 18, 2013

    i have been to bank today and they have teken £69.99 out of my bank and not even with them any advice pls

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  • Pi
    pinkcat007 Mar 04, 2013

    These thieves took 69.99 from my bank account. I desperately needed to cover the £150 shortfall for my rent and in a panic went onto the payday loan sites. I remeber typing in my card details but because i had never even looked at the way payday loans work i thought thats what you had to do. the long and short of it was that i never got a loan from these scums but when i checked my bank balance later that day i just couldnt belive it - i burst into tears as that is so much money to me. i have had the cancellation email from them which i have completed and am told it will take 30 days for a refund - this means that my other bills havent been paid and i now have bank charges to pay. everyone please report these people as they are preying on the vunerable.

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  • Sc
    Scooby2203 Feb 21, 2013

    I've not applied yet they took £69.99 from my account I've filled in the refund email and sent it back they have really put me in a mess bank overdrawn and 8 children to feed I'm just hoping I get a refund

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  • Ja
    Jackiejackie190 Jan 16, 2013 did take 69.99 out my account here is how I got it back. You need to phone them and ask for you to cancel your membership and for a refund ask for them to email you the my loan cancellation form. This is what they send you with the form below it, the form will take 2 min to fill out.
    We can confirm your application has been cancelled as per your request. Please find below the Refund Request form (Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire), please complete the form and return it to this email address.
    Once we are in receipt of the completed form your refund will be issued within 30 days by the method you complete on the form.
    If your application has been cancelled within 14 days you will receive a full refund of £69.99, if the application has been cancelled after 14 days an administration fee of £5.00 will be retained by ourselves so the refund made will be £64.99.
    You can find phone number on the website hope I have helped people in the same situation as I was in.

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  • Ki
    kizzyd6 Dec 08, 2012

    i disputed with the bank about the 69.99 fee only to find they have talked theyre way around and have also got wrong address telephone numbers ip address is also wrong area to what i am in they are bogus and speak a load of poop how my bank didnt listen to me i dont know but i will say this how the heck was i meant to ask for a loan when i had no internet connection and was in hospital on the day in question not to mention a stupid phonecall from someone i said i wasnt interested!!! theiving conieving bent loan company steer well clear FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL AGAINST THESE FOOLS AND MORE FOOL MY BANK FOR SENDING MORE INFORMATION TO THEM (YES THEY WERE CHEEKY ENOUGH TO ASK FOR COPY OF BANK TRANSACTIONS AND HAVE TRIED TAKING SEVERAL PAYMENTS OUT OF 69.99/89.99 HANG UP DONT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS AND YOU STILL GET STUNG???

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  • To
    tony j 1 Nov 22, 2012

    They just got me to for 70 quid...never even asked or told me they would take 70 quid...he must be rolling in poor peoples money the ###. id like to meet him face to face. Iv sent the cancel membership email. ill send a letter in wrighting aswell. see what goes on i guess people get there money back coz nobody ever comes back on these threads an thats how he is still rolling. i guess !

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  • Cc
    cccs Nov 17, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You need to e-mail them on [email protected] stating that you wish to withdraw all applications and cancel your account with immediate effect, as per the 14 cooling-off period offered with financial products like this. I'd also forward that e-mail to any of the sister companies which have rung or e-mailed you or are listed as 'accepting you application' on their stupid site.

    It's a complete scam!! I called my bank and got my debit card blocked and re-issued so that I will have completely new details to stop them taking payments. They took £1 charge randomly and after reading their terms and conditions it states under 'fees'
    "We charge a fee for providing a service of acting as a finance broker. We specify the fee as part of our communications with You. If You do not enter into a loan offered by lender or financier within the 6 months that we act for You. We will refund the fee less than the £5 brokerage fee provided for by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Refunds must be requested in writing to avoid repayments being sent to a wrong address. To facilitate Us processing payments and repayments You authorise Us to retain your charge, credit and debit card details. With regards to payments set up by debit or credit card we will attempt to take £69.99 when you make your application. If this payment declines we will immediately attempt to take a payment of £1 in order to validate your card details, should both of these attempts fail we will continue this process until You notify Us in writing that you wish Us to cancel such attempts or a period of 60 days has passed. Should the £1 validation payment accept at any stage during the 60 days then we will attempt to take £68.99 once per day until you notify us in writing that you wish Us to cancel such attempts or a period of 60 days has passed.

    Under the Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Regulations 2004 you have the right to cancel your agreement with us within 14 days of receiving these terms and conditions, you will be entitled to a full refund which will be made within 30 days of receiving your request. If you would like to cancel You must Inform us in writing by email to [email protected] or by writing to My Loan, Cottage Street Mill, Cottage Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 8DZ."

    It's so sick that they prey on people with financial difficulties, I only wanted a loan of £200 to cover my rent for a period of 2 weeks as I had to unexpectedly help my mum pay for her car repairs so she could get about. When I found out that they took almost half of that as an 'admin fee' I was f*cking livid! An admin fee for what? All they did was pass my details on to loads of shady lenders who do nothing now but pester me via e-mail, text and calls!!

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  • Sn
    Snowflakecp1965 Nov 11, 2012

    Can you tell me how you cancel please...what a con!!

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  • Jb
    JB1979 Aug 06, 2012

    First complain to the company and if they do not reply to your satisfaction, Report this to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)
    Forums are all good and well for a rant, but the FOS will look into your complaint and act on your behalf. They will contact the company and get you a refund and on some occasions, compensation too where appropriate.

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  • Sa
    sally1979 Jul 24, 2012

    everybody needs to report this company on as many forums as they can and complain to as many financial regulators as they can, they are cowboys and need stopping

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  • An
    Anna97 Jun 14, 2012

    I have had the same problem. They took £69.99 out of my bank account which I was not aware of until I was overdrawn and things were bouncing !! I have not taken any of the loans that were recommended by them and I have today e-mailed them for my fee refunded.

    Fingers crossed. I'll repost if I get it back !!!

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  • Ww victim May 29, 2012

    Hi - this is all the information I have gathered about
    Firstly here is a note I recently read from a 'lucky' customer that managed to get refunded.
    'hi every1 just a quick note here 2 say i finally got my refund minus 5quid which im not bothered about, all i did was email [email protected] every day demanding my money threatening them with police etc and on my 32nd day after cancellation it was finally in my bank so dont give up any1 keep emailling every day until u get it no matter how rude she is u will win gd luck'
    However in my case I did not recieve any replies to emails to telephone calls so I reported them to Greater Manchester Police:-

    INFO is a part of Quintessential Finance Group founded by Gregory Cox as mentioned in a recent report in the daily mail regarding his arrest for sexual assault in Sydney.Here is a link to that report:-
    Several 'sister' sites are run from the same address in Macclesfield which include
    Claims Angel
    Ping Tree
    enhance finance
    As shown at
    Essentially all these sites are virtualy identical - they just have different 'shop fronts' and managed at
    SK11 8DZ
    You can see a company history of Greg Cox at :-
    They also have an office in Sydney - so I don't think he was 'on holiday' as they say in the newspaper - I expect this is where parties/social gatherings are organised from on the back of all the money stolen.
    Quintessential Financial Services
    421 The Entrance Rd, Shop 5, Long Jetty Mall, Long Jetty
    Sydney, NSW, 2261
    The problem with this company is that in most cases they have taken advantage of peoples details and then charged them without consent.
    The main complaint from people is that they never visited any of the above sites in the first place and don't remember agreeing to anything,
    and then next they know is they are minus £69.99 and recieve an SMS telling them 'Thanks.We have taken your first payment.You may now
    log into an account we have created for you using your name and postcode'
    Not only is this very worrying but on some occasions people have had more than one payment taken leaving them penniless.
    In my case - I'd just been paid and they took half of my wages.It ISN'T right and it IS fraud, and they need to be stopped.
    Here are links to alot of other people's complaints about this company.

    Head office: Myloan Ltd, Oxford House, Oxford Road, Macclesfield, Cheshire. SK11 8HS
    Lending Partner Director Mark Kennedy on : [email protected]

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  • Ga
    Gale d Apr 23, 2012

    I've just been scammed by this company I have reported them to online fraud services as they need stopping NOW. They took the last of my money leaving me overdrawn on an account with no overdraft facility. I'm a district nurse and had to take emergency leave from work as had no money for petrol. I am disgusted and appalled companies are allowed to operate in his manner. I need my money back not in 30 days as it didn't take 30!days for them to take it. I assure you if it's not refunded I will create hell as I'm not inclined to give my hard earned money to thieves.

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  • Re
    rebeccer Jan 12, 2012

    i hve done exactly the same as above and i need to know how can i cancel my application so i can get my money back?can anybody help

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  • Ma
    Maliak Jan 09, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same happened to me, I didn't completed my application form when I realised that they are only a broker, however £69.99 was taken from my account the following day. The company has two CCJs in recent months so don't understand how they are able to operate as a financial broker. If you feel that is a con you need to contact Financial Omnibusman.

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  • Sh
    shalliwait4u Dec 28, 2011

    Similar thing happened to me... I never applied for any payday loans through my, and suddenly i realised they charged me 69.99£ as a processing admin fees.
    I tried contacting them but they are closed for christmas until 3/1/12..
    how come they are closed and still they can bloody process an application with all these stupid hidden fees...
    there are 2 ways to get your money back, one by cancelling your membership if it is within 14 days cooling off period, where the admin fees will be reimbursed in 30days of time from your cancellation date.

    2nd way is I heard of this company, i dont know how they work and if they are genuine or not... you can try it as well as long as it doesnt incur any hidden fees... lol

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