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MVQ*TWENTY4PROPLUS Complaints & Reviews

MVQ*TWENTY4PROPLUS / Unauthorized Withdrawals


This SCAM is still at work, despite the many complaints to BBB! They withdrew $24.95 without authorization. As others have suggested, call 877-974-1563 and just stay on the line until a real person picks up, because they're automated options are useless. The first person you talk to will give you BS, so just ask for the supervisor. When I finally got a supervisor, I just cut to the chase and told her I knew they had 1000's of complaints against them at the BBB, and demanded my money back. She will put you on hold claiming it is the fault of a "third-party vendor" (which is more BS...

MVQ*TWENTY4PROPLUS - Kentucky / Unauthorized Withdrawel


There are charge in our bank statements for MVQ*TWENTY4PROPLUS 888-337-4295 CT, and I have no clue as what this is, it says debit card withdrawal, me & my husband never use this bank card except for specific finances, so this is ridiculous.



I used to look up a phone number. I looked up ONE number but got charged .95 twice. I overlooked that, but now I've been charged $24.95 for some sort of ID protection that I do not want ! Thankfully, I can dispute it thru my Discover Card and will have the charge reimbursed, hopefully. BEWARE OF INTELLIUS.COM. They are not reputable or honest !

MVQ*TWENTY4PROPLUS - New York, Syracuse / unauthorized & illegal deduction from bank account


I purchased a movie near Christmas time last year and recently found out that the company has been deducting an amount of $17.95 each month since from my bank account. I never gave permission and this deduction is illegal and unauthorized. I called last month to cancel this membership that they say I signed up for. I do not see that they have charged me this month on my bank statement, but I would like to reimbursed for the year that they have been deducting this amount.

MVQ*TWENTY4PROPLUS - Arizona / Unauthorized withdrawal


Unauthorized withdrawal from my bank account of $24.95. Same format posted to my account as the other unauthorized withdrawal from INT*IDPROTECT MNTR SVC.