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MSN hotmail Complaints & Reviews

MSN hotmail / inaccesible email

Dec 30, 2012

I can access my emails on gmail, and on yahoo mail.but i cant acess my emails on msn hotmail.i can see on the messenger that i have 50 unread messages.and maybe am losing out on business due to this anger fueling, unimaginable, unnecesary, unacceptable blockade by this so called big microsoft so sick.please someone explain to me like am a two year old kid how on earth at this time and age can someone fail to acess his/her email!!!???

MSN hotmail / Unable to Contact

Apr 27, 2011

My experience echoes that of the others. I receive abusive emails through MSN Hotmail, but have no way to report abuse without first registering and providing MSN with personal information. (I don't know if those who are members are able to complain.) Solution: I've filtered out ALL MSN emails. I recommend that others do the same. My filter allows me to return an auto message. I point out, in my message, that the "FROM" ISP, (MSN) permits abuse and does not allow for complaints. I recommend that the sender forward my complaint to MSN. Agreed, my personal strategy does not affect the giant...

MSN hotmail / Theft of Personal Data


MSN has my email address list, email records for five years and since my account was hacked by persons who used a computer generated password program and then changed all my identification data four days ago; MSN has denied me access to my account and my personal data. They keep telling me to fill out a form which contains information that can only be found on my hacked account and other information which has since been changed by the hackers who are sending solicitations for money to everyone of the hundreds of names on my address list. MSN should have a legal duty to return my personal data...

MSN hotmail / Mail id hacked, password changed


Dear Sir/ Madam, My hot mail id has been hacked two hour before, password has changed ([email protected]). Please help me as I am user more than 10 years. The hacker has mailedme in my rediffmail id, as below. ******************************************* 17 Jun 2010 11:51:50 +0530 wrote >Hello, > How are you doing ? I hope you are doing fine, I'm sorry that I didn't inform you about my traveling to England for a Seminar.I need a favor from you as soon as you receive this e-mail because I misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money, and other valuable things were...

MSN hotmail - Texas, Dallas / Stolen email account


Some one has gotten into my personal hotmail email account and is sending unauthorized lnks in my name. What can I do about it? Is looks like they have hijacked my email account. Also how do I change my password. I am scared they may be sending ugly stuff in my name. Please help asap. I work for a very prominent non profit. Grandmother

MSN hotmail - Quebec / Unable to complain to Hotmail


My wife had her Hotmail emails automatically forwarded to my email adress while in hospital. She passed away in October 2008. I have just received a redirected email to my wife advising her that her Hotmail subscription has been renewed. Her credit card was transfered to my name after her death and was used to pay for the renewal. I have yet to find a way to inform Hotmail of her death and to cancel definitely this service. How can one write to Hotmail when no email adress and no mail address are available to communicate with them?

MSN hotmail / Email hacked or blocked


Attn Customer Services My email has been hacked or blocked by some. I cannot access my email. My email ID: [email protected] I cannot even access my alternate email ID. I am using my above Email ID only for religious purposes. Kindly unblock my email ID or send password on my other email ID : [email protected] Thank you Cyril Miranda

MSN hotmail - England, Greater London / Spam


How do I stop 100's of unsolicited emails from unknown companies? Some even posing as banks! I make sure I mark them all under the 'Phishing' & 'Spam' category. Yet I still continue to receive them on a daily basis. What can be done to eliminate this intrusion for good?

MSN hotmail - Indiana, Fishers / Bad service


I go to my email account with msn/hotmail... a yellow notice appears (your account has been closed) I have no idea why? The only thing that I can assume is that they think that I am spaming, which I am NOT. Here are all of my contacts/ emails and info. I can't even access my account. It is bad enough that I can't send out emails but I can't even get into my account. This seems to be over the top unprofessional and ridiculous!! How can we fix this? How we this be legal that they could just shut the internet doors to my office?? Please help. Marsanne Kunzer 317-409-1764 I don't email?? You can send it to my husband at docjoe AT Thank you!!