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movies 8 Complaints & Reviews

movies 8 - Texas, Paris / id check

Sep 22, 2017

I am 25 as is my husband and we were told we could not see an R rated movie because I left my ID in my SUV, my husband had his ID we told the lady that we are married and both of the same age, she just kept saying if she don't have her ID she can't get in. I've been in that theater several times she checked my ID on three different occasions and still wouldn't let me in. She said we could come back with both our ID's if we wanted to se the movie we live 25 minutes out. So we basically waisted gas going into town on a Friday night. Again we are 25 years old seven years older then we have to be to see an R rated movie.

movies 8 - New Mexico, Albuquerque / after 6 no children under 6 in rated r movie

Sep 24, 2014

me and my husband went to see tammy which is rated r at the 10:20 show time due to the fact that we have children we needed to make sure were in bed for school. when getting to the theater with our 2 month old breastfeed baby they said we were un able to buy a ticket for that movie because it was after 6 and we had a child under 6 and we could not take him in. i do not understand y a 2 month old would even be counted in that under 6 thing since he is free anyway and will most likely sleep the whole time unless he wakes up to eat and that is y he was brought with us. i can see that from 1 to 6 not being allowed kinda however u pay for them. but a new born is not watching the movie so they should not count.