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Movie Theatre Complaints & Reviews

Movie Theatre - Illinois, Vernon Hills / customer service

Jan 28, 2013

AMC Showplace 8 is the worst place to work at- management team are mean- they yell and humiliate you in public. They don't give a care- They don't give you any warning or signs that you will be fired! These are young ppl trying to find a life and become responsible and making as little as they can just to help pay for gas, and minor expenses. They ruin these young life by letting go with out any signs or warnings- sets them to the wrong path and give them the wrong ideas. They become scared- jobless, and this is how ppl get messed up and try to do bad things. There's no encouragement what so ever!! This company has really bad management team!!! How dare they treat employees like this!!!

Movie Theatre - New York, Bayside / Lack of customer service and policy not posted

Dec 30, 2012

My husband and I received an AMC gift card from our daughter. We went to see "Parental Guidance" at: Bay Terrace AMC 211-01 26the Ave Bayside, NY 11360. Tele # [protected]. This theeatre sold us 2 tickets and we did not realized we missed thee beginning of thee show. The ticket agent sold us tickets and did NOT inform us theat thee show had already started. When we missed thee beginning of thee show, my husband and I wanted to sit for thee first few minutes of thee show so theat we can see just thee beginning part theat we missed. But after thee show, a young man asked us to leave while he...