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Movie Gallery Complaints & Reviews

Movie Gallery - Arkansas / Bogus Charges turned to Collections

Feb 1, 2011

OMG - Really????? Apparently charged for two games that I never rented and now turned over to collections - NCS out of Oklahoma. When they were still in business I started receiving Movie Gallery statements to my forwarding address as I had moved months before statements started coming. I called the store on several occassions who said it was taken care, their mistake as they did not have cameras to record their transactions nor did they always ID the person or persons renting on accounts. I carefully made notes each time I called and noted exactly who I talked to. The statements kept coming...

Movie Gallery - Pennsylvania / collection claim filed with credit reporting agencies


A collection claim against me for the amount of $146 by Hollywood Video was filed with the credit reporting agencies. I didn't find out about this until I went to buy a new car. This collections claim lowered my credit score and caused me to pay a higher finance rate on my new car. Now, I have to contact the three credit reporting agencies to get this false claim removed. I was never contacted by my local video store or by Movie Gallery. they never contacted me about any late or missing videos. Now, there is no way to contact the company because they filed for bankruptcy.

Movie Gallery - South Carolina / Account sent to collections


Movie Gallery sent an account to collections which has posted to my credit report this month. This negative collection of $99 has dropped my credit score by almost 100 points. I have never been notified that I owed any money to this company. I haven't even rented a movie from Movie Gallery in over a year. I was mortified by this and have sent a dispute to experian. I am waiting for the results to see if this can be removed from my report. I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else as well?

Movie Gallery - Kentucky, Frankfort / Rip OFF Scam


Movie Gallery on my credit report saying i owe them over $100.00 !!! Last time I went in to rent i was told they were going out of business and couldn't rent unless I was in Powerplay program, which I wasn't because I wanted nothing to do with them pulling money out of my bank account so I left and rented nothing ...They go out of business and 2 months later they have put me into a supposed collection agency, no phone call, no letter, nothing just sent to collections, took my credit score down 78 points and I owe them nothing, How can this be legal ?????They had horrible store...

Movie Gallery - Missouri, Pleasant Hill / Account sent to collections without any notice of debt


Movie Gallery is now turning account holders over to collections for alledged unreturned rentals and unpaid late fees. This is the same thing that is happening to Hollywood Video customers. I received an alert from my credit monitoring service that I had a potentially negative report posted to my Experian credit report on November 14, 2010. Upon further investigation, I learned that Movie Gallery was the originator of this claim being posted by National Credit Solutions out of Oklahoma City. This negative report shows that I opened an account in October, 2010 and owed $122.00. My Movie Gallery...

Movie Gallery - Georgia, Trenton / tanning beds


The tanning bed service is AWFUL! The beds are never clean. One bed is completely broken the top cover collapses, the face tanner is broke. The door is broke & does not even lock. The rooms are completely trashed, The radio was broken & laying in the floor. The fan was broken into & parts of it was sitting in a chair. There's a variety of vulgar posters on the walls. The store is extremely hot inside to the point of having shortness of breath before even getting in the tanning bed. The air is never on anymore. & When I asked an employee if they could please clean the dirty bed before my...

Movie Gallery - Arkansas, Little Rock / Extremely rude manager


Yes, I am a customer of this business (video rental store) and was appalled by the totally disrespectful employee, Dustin, who used profanity with myself during a phone conversation this past week. I expect a written apology from this young man, but have yet to receive it. I am thinking seriously of either moving my account to another location or closing my account and demanding that this store refund my credit value for such inexcusable customer service. I will not tolerate profanity used in such poor customer service. I have submitted the phone number of this business and request that...

Movie Gallery / Hostile customer service


We received a hostile phone call from the store manager concerning the movie "9" she felt we had not returned. We had recently returned it, told her so and she hung up, only to call back a few minutes later after having "found" it in the spot we said it was. Then she proceeded to tell us how there was no bar code on it and she demanded to know if we had children. Her customer service was deplorable. I asked what that had to do with the returned movie and she blamed them for having peeled off the bar code. Are you kidding me? Is this how any company keeps its customers? She proceeded to spout...

Movie Gallery - Florida, Panama City Beach / rude manager/employees


unknowing to me the person I spoke with was the store manager. Clint does not seem to care if he has a job or not and by the looks of the business the store is getting he won't have to worry about it much longer. It does not really matter what took place only that they lost my business and my familiy all over nine dollars and very nasty attitude. Nice way to do busines.

Movie Gallery - North Carolina, Marion / Customer Service


First, I would have made a formal compliant if I had found a customer relations address on your site. I visited your store the week of December 14, 2009 and made two rental purchases; I was told upon checkout the movies would be due back to the store on December 21, 2009. I returned the movies to the Marion location on that date at 12:19pm and was told I had a late fee of $11.83. The person working the desk was not very pleasant either, but she really has never been nice to me. I paid the fees but feel I was not responsible as the movies were returned on time according to my original checkout...

Movie Gallery - Alabama, Alabaster / STORE MANAGER-RUDE


They have a new manager at this location named Tomas Christensen, and in all my years of renting videos he has got to be the rudest & worse store manager I have ever come across. He is young, his face is stuck to a cell phone, but you never see him talking to anyone. But he never greets any customers, he never smiles, not once while you are there no matter what time of day or day of week he is on that phone at all times. So you feel like your bothering him when you want to ask him a question. And when you do ask him a question he ignores you. I am wondering if I am the only one that is having...

Movie Gallery - South Carolina, Greer / Late fee scams


Does Movie Gallery need to scam customers to make a buck. Seems so. I signed up for an account Saturday Sept 26 and rented 4 movies which I brought back on Sept 29. The rental time is for 5 days. The store(2114 Old Spartanburg Rd Greer SC) says that they were checked in Oct 3rd and I now have a 16 dollar late fee. That is the first and last time I ever set foot in another Movie Gallery. Kind of sounds like the credit card companies letting a check set on a desk until the due date is up and collecting late fees. James Pridgen

Movie Gallery - Oregon, Hermistn / powerplay


I work for Hollywood video/media gallery. We are supposed to be selling power plays. have to have this $7.99-$39.99 plan taken out of your account automatically every month. We have customers coming in showing a bank statement where they've taken it out 2-3 times in one month. Movie gallery will not reimburse for overdraft fee's either. Now, if you want to pay with cash you have to pay for at least 6 months in advance! O.K., so if we don't sell enough of these in a month (1 every hour they want you to have) You start getting written up..and after a couple months of...

Movie Gallery - North Carolina, Fayetteville / Treatment of Cusomers and Employee


Store #2899 This manger is incapable of dealing with her employees; she is not a people person. She shows disgruntled consideration towards both employees and customers. With the customers and the area that the store is located in the manager feels that she HAS to limit the amount of rentals that a customer gets in the video game section. The people in the area are PEOPLE and they carry CASH. So what is the problem? She is worried they will not bring the materials back to her store which may or may not affect her bonus. I know that our store has the potential to make a high revenue, however it...

Movie Gallery - Idaho, Payette / Bad business policy


I am very upset about the "policy" the Payette, Idaho Movie Gallery (and employees) have told me are in place. They have stated my child was not allowed to rent "R" movies. I sent my 15yr old with a permission note, the movie of my choice written on it, my Movie Gallery card, and the rental fee. They rented the movie to my child but refused to allow her to leave the business premises with said rental. I do not believe Movie Gallery has the right to say what my child leaves with if she has parental permission; which she did. That, as I understand, is Movie Gallery stomping on my constitutional...