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Mortgages Complaints & Reviews

Mortgages - Ontario, Brampton / Fraud

Jan 21, 2013

Mr Gaurav Kumar a mortgage agent who works with Financial Ties Inc. Brampton introduces himself as mortgage broker whereas he is only an agent and is blacklisted in most of the banks and financial institution because of his fraudulent activities and high volume of consumer complaints against him. He still manages to operate his business by forwarding his deals to other corrupt mortgage brokers/agents by keeping his cut. He is blacklisted in most of the Real Estate offices like REMAX and Century 21 as well. His regular business tool to trap new and naive home owners is through placing free...

Mortgages - Alabama / Consolidated Opportunities


Like so many scam complaints I have read with the names of the scammers saying they are from Scottsdale, AZ. They want money 195.00 from your credit card then call back and want anywhere from 250-1500 etc. I checked them out and found they were scammers and committed fraud by sending out fake checks and faking hits on the website they set up in my name. I immediately cancelled my card and emailed them and told them they were a fraud and that I had contacted the Police and my Idenity Insurance Company. They called ten times and said they took people who committed fraud seriously and wanted all...