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We have been using 's lead generation services for over 3 years now. The are knowledgable and always respond to any issue that arises. has kept us afloat during this mortgage crisis by providing us dependable and workable leads at a reasonable cost. They even replaced leads that we could not do anything with because of the tight credit restrictions now. Customer service, quality and integrity all A+ from us! - New York / Sells relieable mortgage leads

Mo is a reliable source for mortgage leads. They have recently began to sell modification leads and ONE client has posted that is a bad company. What is bad is the company that is making the accusations, Loan Modifications of America. Look them up on this complaint site! they have many many complaints about them that state that they are scammers. Personally I'd stay away from buy modification leads from any company, but has 12 years of experience selling mortgage leads. - New York, Fresh Meadows / did not deliver leads that we paid for

Ro is seling bogus telemarketed loan modification leads that are old/bad data. We purchase 200 telemarketed leads from them @ $5 a lead ($1000 up front). We were supposed to receive 5 leads a day the first week. We recieved 21 leads the first day which was 4 days from the date we deposited funds in their account (Marketing Resources, LLC.) at Bank of America. The first 5 calls we made were clients that had not received a call from any telemarketer, and finished a modification quite a few months back or were in the process since a couple months back. THIS DREW A RED FLAG...