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Money Worries Ltd Complaints & Reviews

Money Worries Ltd - Wales, West Glamorgan / CON


hi, My story sounds very similar to another thats is on this site. I was in debt last year and could not afford to pay all my bills, so i rung yes loans for a loan to pay off all my loans so that i would only have one payment to make a month. Like other stories I was put through to money worries. They sounded so good and helpful on the phone and i felt really reassured. I did all what they said to do which was open a new account with another bak, have my wages go into it, take what was left of my old overdraft from my old account, fill in the forms (PAY THEM A FEE!) and they would contact all...

Money Worries Ltd - England, Greater London, London / Fraud


Money Worries in total have taken near to £500 from me. After a phone conversation i agreed to allow them to help me consolidate my debts. I was told they would send me all the information I needed in the post for me to sign the agreement and tell them exactly how much I owed. without me completing the form they took £500 out of my account. When I phoned them and asked them why they took the money, they told me it was to consolidate my debts. I pointed out to them that they didn't even know who my debtors were so who exactly have they given my money to! I have been fighting with...