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Mike Litman Coaching Complaints & Reviews

Mike Litman Coaching / Empty promise

Mar 2, 2011

Mike Litman offered me a coaching program in 2006 and charged me USD4, 000 t. I told the coach that the $4, 000 is borrowed money and I've no means to pay the bank. I was promised that they will do all the market research, marketing, setting up a website etc so I don't have to know anything about setting up a business and I'll get my investment back in 3 months or a 100% refund of my coaching fee. After I signed up, the coaches kept changing and I had a hard time writing to one coach after another to set up my website. Despite telling the coaches that I have no experience and no...

Mike Litman Coaching / Unwanted purchase


While I applied for a "FREE" CD, it turned out that I "purchased" a number of CD's, total value of $150. I figured that when I got a text message that my card was charged. Later I received an e-mail confirming my purchase. I immediately contacted the help desk at asking them for money-back but they were silent for 3 days after what there was an explanation that the CDs had been sent out already. Do NOT deal with this person.

Mike Litman Coaching - New York, New York / Took $6.500, Gave NOTHING


This guy talks a GREAT game. Promises so much. I was charged $6, 500. for the coaching program. After my credit card was charged twice!!! I never heard from Mike or his sleezyfast talking over promising brother again. These people are con artists and thieves. He has all these hyped up calls. Call his office, it's a shell with no one there. I have spoke to several people now who have been ripped off. Ask him to put it in writing. I promise, he will GIVE YOU NOTHING. He is going to Jail. THIEF!!!