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Mike Gee Kustoms Complaints & Reviews

Mike Gee Kustoms / untrustable

Sep 24, 2017

I’m Andrea from Italy, and this is my experience with Mike Gee, hope may help someone: I contacted him because I wanted him to build me a billy-bo thunderbird. Before the purchase, I sent him lots of mails asking questions, and he always replied me very quickly. He told the price was 600 $ including shipping (to Italy) and I had to pay him 450$ (with paypal) first, and the remaining 150$ when finished. As soon as I payed him the 450$, his replies weren’t as quick as before, sometimes didn’t replied at all. I spent 2 months asking him when he could start to build my guitar, and him replying “Sorry...

Mike Gee Kustoms / Guitars

Feb 08, 2017

Bought an S.G. Relic he said he built...looked good in the video, when it arrived, I knew it was not custom built, turns out it was a chepo Jay Turser, he reliced it and changed the logo, he refused a refund.this guy is a total RIP OFF!!I've seen other customers complaining about the same problems.takeing another companys product and putting your logo is illegal(copywrite infringement) Please don't buy his junk.

Mike Gee Kustoms - Arizona, Phoenix / Not Trustworthy

Feb 25, 2014

I was looking around for a new guitar.. happened to come on an eBay page listings. It was a resell of one of Mike Gees guitars claiming Mike Gee makes wonderful guitars. Now that.. I cannot argue. I wanted to buy one of his guitars just because they look awesome and sound really great from the videos I saw on youtube. So on September 5th 2013 I placed and order for a blue burst Les Paul with some upgraded features. You can see the customer order I attached. I paid $525 down and owed $174 whenever he was done and showed me the complete product. He advised that It would take him roughly 10 week...

Mike Gee Kustoms - Arizona, Phoniex / guitar refused refund

Jul 29, 2013

Mike Gee sold the guitar I boght to someone else, he then sent me a guitar of much lesser value, Told me to return the guitar I did, Tracking number, [protected], (9114901075742457391063 He then refused to sign for the return I want my money back see attached