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Migration Advisory Service Complaints & Reviews

Migration Advisory Service / Visa Scam

Jan 26, 2016

UPDATE - look at the links more names and addresses do a domain search on markham. makes for interesting reading., .., all different names and addresses and more people commenting they have been done over. why the f did i trust this lot.. some more pictures found aswell 88 tilehousestreet hitchin (bedfordshire police) lower stondon (bedforedshire police) and one is mr markham name Website: Domain Age: 1 Years, 340 Days Website Speed: Very...

Migration Advisory Service / Awful to say the least

Sep 08, 2015

Leanne Teeling: At point of posting you waive your right to anonymity. Gone are the days when one can hide anonymously online and again your comments are unfounded and without substance. We find them awful to say the least. 100% shocking. Internet Trolls are a fact of life these days which is a sad indictment on society but a fact all the same. The decision has been taken by Migration Advisory Service to take this through the Courts and report it as Cyber Harassment to the Authorities.

Migration Advisory Service - England, Greater London, London / Shocking

Sep 07, 2015

Leanne Teeling: seen here as lou-anne33 Dear Leanne, your comments have been noted and we have taken the unusual step of replying publicly. You activated your case in Feb 2015 with a £400 payment. Your total case fee was £2, 100. We agreed after speaking with you that you could take a payment break of two months because you were in an IVA. We then did not hear from you until September 2015 at which point having returned from a holiday to Cap Verde you were once again not in a position to move forwards. We have had to take the regrettable decision to close your case.

Migration Advisory Service - England, Greater London, London / Visa scam

May 05, 2015

Migration Advisory Service also operates as Electrician Australia, Teaching Australia, Carpenter Australia, Emigrate Australia and Violet Popsicle Media. They are not located at either 50 Jermyn Street or 3rd Floor, 14 Hanover Street. These are virtual offices which they pay to pose as if they are based there. The receptionists are also not part of the company and answer the switch board but do not have anything to do with the company. You can not get through to any of the employees as they are always away from their desks or in a meeting. These companies are not MARA registered agent...