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miami dade water and sewer Complaints & Reviews

miami dade water and sewer - Florida, Miami / Vac Truck Driver Employee

Nov 18, 2012

I'm a small plumbing contractor business owner, I was clearing a blockage on a private sewer line when a Miami Dade Water And Sewer vac truck which was called out to check the city's sewer system located at, ( Southview Condominium 3350 NE 192nd Street - Aventura, Fl 33180 ) on 11/16/20 at about 12: noon. The driver of vac truck had a discussion with the property manager after which The driver instructed me to remove my equipment from the sewer because he was going to use his vac truck to clear the blockage. on the private side of the sewer. Now the city side of the sewer was clear and...

miami dade water and sewer - Florida, Miami / water bill

Dec 11, 2011

Hello: I have been having problems with the water department since December of last year when they hit me with a $141 water bill. Never did I use that much water as I was not at home but out of town taking care of a relative. Neither did I have a leak but all they said is pay or face disconnection of water. In July I managed to pay 180.58 (including late fees) by that time water was disconnected. Called the water dept. and asked then to reconnect the water and told my friend to be there. Never did they show up at the time they said then when they came left a card on door dated 7/21/11 “were...