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Media Burst Complaints & Reviews

Media Burst / Spammers!

Aug 14, 2011

THis company spams you (via text) without your permission!! I have no idea where they got my number from and refuse to tell me but i am very careful never to sign up for any sales text messages! THey are sending me text messages all the time and i can't stop them - this company should be reported as im sure its illegal to do that!!

Media Burst / Stay away


This companys success is based on lies and deception and Gepoff Wilkinson (the current owner) is the most untrustworthy, disgusting human being there is. In 2005, i came up with the idea for MedaiBurst, and spent a whole year working 12 hours a day, travelling the UK and spending huge amounts of money in order to get the company set up and ready for launch - but as soon as the day came to make the first deal - Geoff Wilkinson cut me of the deal, leaving me seriously out-of-pocket and totally used. Whats worse, is that, at the time, Geoff was my girlfriends father and he knew that i had just...