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MDU Communications Complaints & Reviews

MDU Communications - Texas, Georgetown / ABYSMAL service

Sep 26, 2012

I have had nothing but trouble with this company since moving into this apartment community almost two years ago. Every time you call them, you will have to hold LONGER than 20 minutes to talk to anyone, My record was 54 minutes. First, they did not send me a bill for three months, and their web site was impossible to get any payment information off (old Crystal Reports plug in). After disconnecting my service for non-payment FOR A WEEK, they acknowledged that they had not billed me. Second item...their internet service was hit or miss...once going off line 14 times in one day's time...

MDU Communications - Virginia / Customer Service

Sep 20, 2012

The internet "went out" in our apartment building three weeks ago. It was out for two days. When it was "fixed, " we still had trouble logging on to the network. Even though I am able to log on now, I am only able to do so if I RESTART the router. So, I have been calling MDU to get help with this, and I have been on hold every time I call for 40+ minutes. Sometimes I leave a message, but no one calls me back. I have emailed them almost every day, but no one responded. Finally yesterday someone emailed me back and said I'd get a call from a tech person--no one ever called. I just called...

MDU Communications - California, Fort Irwin / Horrid Service

Jul 18, 2012

I have had them for 2 months now. Never have I seen a bill, and I was paying for the best they had to get subpar internet. Every time I call I am on hold for an hour or more. NEVER again will I use them.

MDU Communications - Texas, Houston / horrible service and overcharged

Apr 20, 2012

Well like everyone else says I had no choice but to go with them when I moved into my new apartment. I felt they overcharge for the channels I have compared to Comcast but I was like whatever. I'm not one to complain it takes a lot to upset me because I deal with customers at my job so I try to be as understanding as possible. Well a month in I looked at my bank statement & saw that they charged me for next month without even asking me if they can deduct it from my account. So I called them and was on hold for a good hour then decided to call back and was on hold for anothr 45min so fed...

MDU Communications - Virginia, Sterling / Subpar Customer Service

Apr 14, 2011

I established an account with MDU for my senior citizen mother living in a senior rental community that uses MDU for the television services. I provided the information to have the bills sent to me for payment. Months passed and no bill was received. Today, my mother's service was disconnected. When I called the customer service center, I found out that my billing information was never set up in the account. When I requested that they waive the late fees and reconnection fee and I would pay in full the fees for services rendered, the supervisor told the service rep "no, they should have...

MDU Communications - Virginia, Sterling / The WORST company EVER


I have not had one month of problem FREE issues with this company. Since May, I've been forced to use this company because they won the bid for my apartment complex...needless to say they will find out shortly, they are loosing the business. I have VoIP telephone service and each time I make a call, the receiver of my calls gets a different number on their caller ID than what I am assigned to. When I call Maryland from a Virginia number, the person's caller ID shows that I'm calling from WITHIN Maryland!!! Each time I call MDU I get a bunch of kids taking the calls and stating...

MDU Communications - Florida, West Palm Beach / The worst service ever


Mdu communications has the worst service ever. I have to have them come over atleast once a month to get my service running. I don't think I have had a single month of problem free service. When you call customer care. They don't care. Please stay away from MDU.

MDU Communications - New York, Totowa NJ / Most horrible service ever!


If you are ever in the market for a condo or rental apartment which includes internet and Direct TV in its maintenance or rent, make sure the service is not provided by MDU Communications. There are already so many bad reviews of this company online, but I experienced it first hand and owe it to the public to find out how horrible this company’s service is. One review said that MDU Communications has the “worst customer service ever, ” which I thought was an understatement after I had dealt with them myself. The building where I purchased a condo unit (Newswalk in Brooklyn...