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Max White Teeth Complaints & Reviews

Max White Teeth / Scam and theft


I ordered the "fee trial" for a small shipping charge. I received the product 10 days after the ship date. I did not even have time to try the "free trial". Then I received another shipment, so I refused it at the post office, with return to sender. I was then charged full price for the free trial and also for another one. I called and they would not refund anything as I did not call within the 14 days. I agreed to pay for the first shipment but wanted credit for the shipment I returned unopened. They would not refund anything. My credit card company is looking into the matter.

Max White Teeth / teeth whitening scam


I stupidly signed up for a FREE trial of two teeth whitening products as seen on an adverstisement within the Hotmail website. I am now trapped in a scam which enrolled me into memberships because I agreed to the FREE trial. IvoryBrites at least will allow me to return their product for a refund and they were reachable by phone to cancel my membership. I had to request a return code from their support dept and I have yet to get it but I am hoping one thing goes right in this whole mess. Max White however, did answer my call in India but they are not willing to allow you to return their product...

Max White Teeth / Unauthorized charges!


I noticed a couple of days ago I was charged $78.93 and $2.37 FOUR TIMES EACH from this company I have never heard of. I did a free trial of a teeth whitening kit from a different company. So I don't know how this happened. I've tried lookin them up online and there's nothing. Does this company exist or what??? How do I settle this??

Max White Teeth - Connecticut, New Britain CT / unauthorized charges


Max White Teeth processed an unauthorized charge of $78.93 to my account. I paid for the trial whitening kit but didn't authorize them to process any more charges. They refuse to credit the money back to my account. DON'T BUY ANY TRIALS FROM THEM!!! It doesn't work and it's a scam.