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Jul 12, 2012

Misty Number Three Ltd in Jersey England. I was trying to update my address while I was renewing my NYS driver's license. I thought I was still on a Dept of Motor Vehicles site and they were charging me $24.99 for the address change. I had no idea I was on the Misty site or how I ended up there. I realized I was on the wrong DMV site and since I never confirmed the transaction, I thought I was OK. I still thought I was on the DMV site. When I got my bank statement, there was the $24.99 Misty charge + intl fee. VISA denied my claim. - Montana, Billings / Wrong web listing

Mar 3, 2012

I designed my own web page. People wanting to view my site would find it listed as a beauty supply. This was done by Manta. I could only change it if I signed on to pay them (Manta) A monthly fee. I did do this not knowing, they never corrected the issue. I asked for a refund but was denied. My company is still listed as a beauty supply because they did it. What gives them the right to do this????? I even paid them to fix it. If you google us it comes up the right way. Yahoo and Bing come up wrong. Manta said they would fix this. - California / Total Scam to get my info

Jan 12, 2012

I got a bad feeling about, who positions itself as another free online business listing site (like the yellow pages), when after completing my business registration my listing did not appear. There is no way to contact anyone. No way to remove my information from their database. They routinely send me "helpful" emails on how to get my site noticed, i.e. by purchasing advertising. My email inbox also gets something from at least once a week asking me to "come back" because I don't bother logging in to this bogus site. I have tried to, for the sole purpose of searching... - Massachusetts, Boston / Scam


Do not list your company on!!! It is scam. Once you list your company they will sell your infomation to telemarketers. is calling me almost every day and people who can't speak any english keep asking me to "confirm" my business name. I can't get rid from annoying calls from the number (850) 391-4830 which belong to My life turned into hell after I submittedf my business on My advice: Stay away from this directory from hell!