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Magazine Services Of America Complaints & Reviews

Magazine Services Of America - Florida, Tamarac / End subscribtions now


They have got me with two (2) separate accounts. (1- MSR 0207928 / 2-MSR 0222464) I Have tried many times to either combine them or end both. Repeatedly they, (phone operators), have been unable to help nor givie me the TOTAL balance due. NOW, as with many of Americans, I have lost my employment. MSA, is unable or unwilling to cancel my accounts. Payments are over due and they will be sending me to COLLECTIONS. Can someone help me stop this maddness?

Magazine Services Of America - Connecticut / customer service


I happy to find this website! I also been taken. I was told I couldn't cancelled. When they first called me they wouldn't take no for an answer. I get magazines I don't want, was told my balance was over $800.00. And when you miss an payment or are late in paying. they get quite aggressive about it. to me they are an bunch of THUGS. Thanks

Magazine Services Of America - Florida, Margate / Fraud and scam


I received a call on my cell phone around 8:00 PM from these people. It was a woman who called and she asked how the weather was in my state and said where she was it was 'so nice' so she can relax all day. Keep in mind at while she was telling me all this, I had no idea who was talking to me, as she hadn't stated who she was and asked for me by my first name only. Then she started asking me personal questions like am I married, have kids, what stores I like to shop at...etc. I said I was engaged and she was like, 'WOW!' I am so excited about that!! How many Bridesmaid...

Magazine Services Of America - Florida / ripoff


i too got screwed by this company, i had to go and change my Debit Card number through my bank, just so they couldn't take any more money out of my account. I tried to cancel, and they sent me a letter saying they couldn't. i don't want any of their magazines, the ones they send me, me and my family don't even read, they even tell me if i am receiving any magazine offers from another company, not to buy it, because they will give a better deal. Well, my son and daughter both receive a magazine for each of them, but it is not through Magazine Services of America, it i...

Magazine Services Of America - California, Sunnyvale / thier magazine


Magazine Service of America is SCAM!!! They call you and they talk past that you didnt even notice that you gave all the information they want and you suprise you cant say i dont want your service at all...your service sucks.They just say You cant because you have a verbal contact which you didnt know...BEWARE people they just get your money without even noticing it. SOMEONE HELP US TO STOP THIS COMPANY>>>>THIS COMPANY ARE THE ONE NEED TO BE CLOSE!!!

Magazine Services Of America - Florida, Margate / Rip off charges!


Magazine services is a big rip off!!! Don fall for it! First they call u and tell u how u are in 'good standards' with the company. the nice person who is supposedly new goes over info. with u and after that she says do u mind telling my boss how i was it is my first day. So of course ur gonna do that and u do and the boss goes over the info with u... but beware if u ask questions ask a lot and re-ask them cuz thats how they get u..cuz if u ask a question they dont give u full details (as i found out later)... but yes she does record the convo... and pretty much dats the end of...