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Nov 07, 2016

This website is a total scam, don't order from them. When I found this website and was impressed with super low prices and could not believe my eyes. Since everything was so cheap I ordered a lot of stuff and in total paid about $50 for my order. Unfortunately I never received anything. Just look at their website! There is absolutely no information about the company, no phone, no address. I tried to contact them via their online contact form and received no reply. Lost $50 because of these scammers! / Bottles contained fault lotions

May 18, 2014

Two months ago, I placed large order on the website I waited about a month, and finally the package arrived. I bought these lotions before, so I immediately noticed that the bottles contained fault lotions. I contacted the seller, but she told me that it was impossible and I mixed something. But I really knew that something was wrong. She refused to change them or provide refund, so I wanted to warn other people. Be careful if you order from this website.