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Sep 13, 2014

What a drama filled board. As a designer, I used to go there to submit my designs on the various (and dwindling) contests they have going at any given time. There is a new owner of this company, however, there is so much drama on all the contests that I will no longer design there, and many of the other designers I know have also gone to other sites. The owner is aware of the drama caused by some designers trying to undermine, and harass other designers and even the contest holders. Several of us have complained to the owner, but were basically told that if we weren't happy there, to find... - California / Poor Service

Aug 22, 2012

Logobids provides graphic designers the opportunity to create and be rewarded financially for logos. Once joined it seems to be a good setup, but its a facade as some designers are using images found on google, etc of established companys and basically tracing the design and providing for the contest holders. Contest holders can be the average joe and have no concept of copyrights infringement. I reported a design to the holder and to logobids and them both ignored, to be exact the contest holder wished me luck in the contest and actually gave the corrupt designer the highest score thus far in...