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Loan Point USA Complaints & Reviews

Loan Point USA - Delaware / payment plan

Jun 23, 2012

i set up payments with loan point usa they were suppose to take the first payment out on the june 22. i emailed them to see why they had not taken the spayment out and so far i have had no reply. first of all when i contactewd them about trying to set up payments they told me it was with a debt collections and i them and they didnt have it. i called the collections several times i was told the same thing . i called loan point back and spoke with eric shaver and he told me that they still had it and we set up payments. now i feel they arte playing games and all io want to doi is clear this up. just wondering what should i do?

Loan Point USA - District of Columbia / payday loan

Dec 8, 2011

I received a message from Loan Point USA by voice mail saying that they needed to verify my address so that I could be served with court papers. I told the lady that I was will ing to pay what I owe if she could send me something in writing stating the amount I owe and a physicall address where I could send payment. I refuse to give them my bank information. My question: Can this company really serve me court papers at work? Do you know of anyone that has been sued by this company?

Loan Point USA / Scam

May 10, 2011

I recieved a$500.00 loan from loan Point usa in 2008, I understood that they would deduct by weekly paymentsd from my bank account until the balance was paid. However, to my understanding the fee would equal $120 .00 which equals $620.00 repayment total after repaying close to $700.00 and numerous phone calls wih rude reps., from loan point I realized it was never going to end, so I had my bank stop payment on any future ACH transactions from them. I didn't here anything for a long time until a few months ago when I began recieveing collections calls, then I recieved a disturbing call...

Loan Point USA - Michigan / Scammed?

Mar 7, 2011

I wish I would have read the other complaints about Loan Point USA before I got a loan from them. All I can say is "shame on me" for not reading the fine print (?). Of course they could have told me that they would take $180 in fees from me very two weeks with it NOT PAYING DOWN MY BALANCE of the loan. I'm not sure if I am more mad at myself for being stupid or at them for being "not clear" on the agreement. I had a $600 loan which I have probably paid them over $2000 which NON went to the balance. I didn't realize the payments weren't lowering my balance for quite awhile. I hope more people check into this company before they get a loan through them.

Loan Point USA / excessive fees

Feb 17, 2011

Loan point usa loaned me $400 and it ended up costing me over $1000 in the end. They automatically withdraw the money from your checking account and none of it goes to paying back the loan, it is an extension fee. They dont give you enough time to pay back the money. They dont notify you that they are going to start withdrawing money. They dont send emails with any monthly statement activity. This company needs to be shut down. They take advantage of people when they need help.. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau.

Loan Point USA / Excessive ACH from bank account


This company has continually performed ACH debits from my bank account causing the account to be overdrawn numerous times. The remain to continually attempt an ACH when the account is overdrawn which results in a $35.00 fee. They will not stop.