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Little Puppies Online Mt.Vernon, OH Complaints & Reviews

Little Puppies Online Mt.Vernon, OH - Ohio, Mount Vernon / Fraud gave me a different dog than what I bought

Nov 02, 2016

I took my thread down due to the threat of him and his lawyer calling me . I am putting this back up to get my life back. Please don't buy from this man, he is a puppy mill, doesn't care about his dogs, sold me a dog, even at check, same photo of the puppy on the invoice, but I got a doggie who wasn't the dog I bought in the photos. He is a scammer, and a fraud! Now Mr. Nathan made an offer to give the money back to the loan company, I agreed dog goes back. This man, I cried and cried every day, I couldn't function. I'm a disabled veteran, chronically ill, he knew I needed a dog, refused to...

Little Puppies Online Mt.Vernon, OH / They sold the dog I put a deposit down on...

Dec 04, 2015

About a month ago I put a deposit down on a cute little boston terrier. I went back and forth in email with Nathan Bazler and also another lady about the dog etc. So after a little emailing I decided to put down the deposit. As soon as the deposit was made the emails stopped, I didn't think anything of it. A few days go by and I decide to call and make sure the deposit was received since it cleared my account. I get ahold of Nathan Bazler and he informs me the dog was sold after my deposit. wow. Not only was I not informed right when the dog was sold, I had to call them to find out. What great...