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Lion Resorts Vacation Club Complaints & Reviews

Lion Resorts Vacation Club / Missold product

Dec 27, 2011

Bought into Lion Resorts Vacation Club as we wanted guarenteed high quality holidays in Cyprus. Free week in one resort which was excellent and shown 2 others that were being built so went ahead. Had holiday next year in one new resort, very happy. Now all 3 resorts no longer available and head offices moved to Spain. No explanations given. Now unable to use weeks, as wish to continue holidays in Cyprus. Now paying for private accommodation and still paying loan for Vacation club.

Lion Resorts Vacation Club / Rip off

Aug 19, 2011

Our problem started in September 2009 with being hi jacked in car park in Paphos 2nd day of our holiday by a very likeable chap who invited us back to the Capital Coast Hotel as we had won a holiday from the scratch card he gave us. 4 hours later, after being given a very polished presentation we signed up to Lion Resorts/RCI Vacation Club. We were impressed by the standard of accomodation we were sold, we were advised that they would increase our initial 2 week 'free' holiday to 4 weeks with car hire for one week thrown in, we paid nearly £4000.00 on a credit card and were...

Lion Resorts Vacation Club / Stay away from this one

May 11, 2011

We were approached by a guy with a scratchcard and told we had won a star prize we folowed him to a presentation by lion resorts the upshot was we were there for about 8 hours in the end we paid for a timeshare we later tried to cancel and were told we could not cancel we later found out this was a lie we have since found out everything we were told was a lie we are now liable for the £2795 we had £500 pound deposit taken on the same day which we later found out this was illegal because all the lies were verbal we cannot prove what was said we are now at our wits end.

Lion Resorts Vacation Club / Bad customer care


Cyprus – Capital Coast Resort December 08/January 09 Mr and Mrs Allen Perrin Arrival Tuesday 23rd December 2008 approximately 5pm at Paphos airport. Taxi to take us to the apartment was not there. Waited in the main entrance and a taxi driver eventually turned up holding a card with our name. He said one word “welcome”. The taxi was dirty outside and in. At Capital Coast Resort, were given a welcome letter from the Lion Resorts representative which invited us to a breakfast meeting in the morning, together with the key to Room 321, which the receptionist said had “a...