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Linwood Homes / Roque company

May 16, 2013

A complete nightmare. The Linwood recommended builder quoted $80k billed for $106k with no changes in design. It has been nearly a year to complete 1, 500 square feet. On Linwoods part directly: not enough material to finish the siding as specified in the design, incorrect colour of soffet material, insufficient material to complete soffets, insufficient soffet venting, and the package sat on the ground through the winter under a meter of snow. And over priced on the package by about $30, 000. It has been an absolute nightmare and we would never recommend Linwood and by no means would we...

Linwood Homes / design and materials to build a custom home

Dec 30, 2018

Buyer beware. I worked with Jeff Herlocher, VP of Sales in WA state. I liked Jeff at first. I trusted him. He promised me everything that I wanted to hear. He took my calls and quickly responded to my emails right up until I signed a contract with Linwood and paid 20k. Thereafter, Jeff and his office staff were very hard to reach. They did not return my calls and emails in a timely manner. They knew that they had my deposit and that I was locked in and I could not fire them. They assigned me to a designer who had very poor design skills. She was later fired and they did not give me another...