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Lewis Zarel Complaints & Reviews

Lewis Zarel / Terrible experience


Alert... Lewis Zarel is starting another website and abandoning HE Agency website because he has screwed so many people out of their money. New site lewiszarel(TM).com. check out his website info on all the information and telephone numbers are a scam. None of them are in service and never have been. Like previous postings Lewis changes his telephone numbers and websites regularly. He is on the run and constantly has to hide. None of his businesses, HE Agency, High-End Agency, HE Corporation or HE Entertainment are registered anywhere and they are all Frauds. Beware he is a con...

Lewis Zarel / Scam and cheating


Lewis Zarel of HE Agency, High-End Agency and HE Corporation is trying to set up another website to defraud people out of their money. The new site is Lewis regularly changes telephone numbers and websites because he has screwed so many people out of their money. Lewis is a PETTY THEIF, Con Man and a Coward! This site is just like the site. All the information regarding Lewis and his websites are false. NO working telephone numbers and no physical addresses. The new site is supposedly "Image development and Marketing"! STAY AWAY. HE IS A CON MAN...