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Legacy Builders USA Complaints & Reviews

Legacy Builders USA - Texas, Houston / no refund


I signed a check over to Legacy (first mistake, don't EVER sign your money over to any company) for storm restoration. After doing the roof i was disatisfied with the time it took and asked for a refund and I would finish the balance of the scope of work. Jon Paramore advised me I had about $3700 balance remaining and he would refund it. He did not say that up front but threw up many roadblocks to which i found contrary information so that he finally agreed to refund my balance. The refund never happened and i can't get any answer on any phone or at any of their offices. Someone...

Legacy Builders USA / Theifs!!!


I contracted Legacy Builders USA to repair my home on 2 claims filed with my insurance company. 1 was in regards to the hurricaine (replacement of my roof and other interior work) and 2 was due to a waterleak (to repair my kitchen). My insurance company made a check out to myself and my husband and the mortgage company for 9944.33 for repairs for the roof and interior damages forthe hurricane repairs only. Legacy requested that i sign the entire check to them and the remainder would be used on the second claim repairs. I did so. Legacy and i signed a contract stating that my roof repairs would...

Legacy Builders USA - Texas, Houston / Roofing Ripoffs


This company is worst company on the planet. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INSURANCE MONEY. They have this ploy where they tell you to "sign a contingency contract" and that they will go get your money for you. You sign a contract NOT for a dollar amount, but for what they call "RCV". That means that every penny of your insurance money goes to them and you have absolutely no say as to where the money is spent or how. The reason why is because they also tell you that there will be "little or no money out of pocket". All the salespeople are trained to do this because clients let their guard down...