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I placed an online order for some small parts, which easily fit into a standard flat rate USPS box, postage of $4.90. In the final step of checkout, the shipping charges popped up at more than $25. I figured it was an error, so went ahead and paid and then contacted the company. They answered that the shipping charges were dictated by USPS, not them. That's completely untrue. USPS only cares about what it charges for postage, not what private companies charge their customers for shipping. The company has been completely uncooperative. So beware,'s shipping charges, which are only revealed late in the ordering process, are very very high, far more than their actual costs.‎ - Arizona / Failure to Deliver product


I was never notified, when the order confirmation was received, that any of the items would be on backorder. I was informed of this when a partial order was received. If I had know this fact before hand, I would have cancelled the entire order. I have, on several occasions, been “reassured” by Bryan in sales that the missing tail light bulb should arrive any day now and that it would be shipped out immediately. I’m tired of waiting. My last correspondence to them dated Wednesday, January 20, 2010 has not been acknowledged. Therefore, since it’s apparent that... / Product Reliability


This on-line store sells bulbs that are very unreliable, and then their store policy prevents the customer from getting replacements or repairs. I would not buy from this outfit - major trouble and bad business practices. / Beware


Beware of This company is selling products that they know are defective. No support for failed LED bulbs. These bulbs are very expensive ($20 - $105) and in some cases last only two or three weeks. They refuse to replace defective bulbs. is selling known defective products and has bad customer service.