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LDS Leather Complaints & Reviews

LDS Leather / Terrible experience


Having ordered successfully in the past, things have significantly changed for the worse. Invoice for the custom order was never provided as promised. The color I discussed turned out to be more "pink" than "soft brown". The unprofessionalism and nastiness was amazing! Hung up on three times. Then was sent an email, stating if I wanted, "...Pakistani..." stuff I should've gone elsewhere! Realllly nice people, eh? Be sure to notify Better Business Bureau in Norman, OK if you've had similar experiences.

LDS Leather / Bad service


After I ordered a dog collar and leash. I gave the person (female) my credit card information. The person who took the information could not give me an order number and said it would be emailed to me later in the day. The next day I called and I spoke the same female who almost did not remember and again stated it would be emailed to me. The next day I sent an email stating I would like an order number, confirmation, or something since they had my credit card information and I had yet to recieve anything. I'm still waiting. After one more attempt, I'm calling my credit card company...

LDS Leather - Oklahoma, Norman / Terrible customer service


Huge attitude. I ordered a service vest, medical patches and a laminated photo ID for my service dog. The items are OK except for the photo ID. The photo is the size of a postage stamp. Incomplete address, no phone number, no contact info, no dog's name, etc. Well, the customer service rep said I didn't fill in the info properly and I had to order a new one for $19.99 plus shipping. I asked for a courtesy redo (I'm not sure I was at fault, the computer formatting didn't seem to work). Well, I got an earful about how rude I was and she hung up on me! I then got an email...

LDS Leather - Oklahoma, Norman / Fraud


How these guys are still around is amazing. I unfortunately did not research LDS on before ordering. Otherwise, I could have avoided a year's worth of head aches and $200 for $40 collars. In short, I placed an order and was told by Karen that she would call me with the price quote and shipping date. After three months and no word from Karen, I called and emailed multiple times with no response. After the fourth month, I canceled the order both in email and telephone calls. Seven months later, a shipment from LDS arrived with a credit card receipt for $200 and a collar...

LDS Leather - Oklahoma, Norman / Terrible service and attitude


Previously no problems. But on April 23, 2008, I placed a custom order and requested an Invoice for the cost. It was promised, but never sent. Weeks passed without phone calls being returned. The two times I reached them, I was told they'd taken their first vacation in years. Second time, told orders were very backed up. Third time, told products ready to be shipped. A week later, I called. Not shipped. Attitude problem with both reps. Received goods in late June. The color was closer to "pink", than the lighter brown, I'd been promised. The cost of the multi-function lead wa...

LDS Leather - Oklahoma, Norman / Stay as far away from this company as possible


To make a long story short, the order was placed via the phone on December 29, 2007, talked with Karen. She did not give me a delivery date but indicated that normally it is less than 30 days. When trying to find out the status of the order in late January I was told that she was braiding as fast as she could. After 70 days of waiting for 2 standard size collars and not being able to find out the status, I canceled the order on March 8, 2008. Suddenly they could find me and sent and email stating that I could not cancel the order because it had shipped on March 7th when in fact it had not. They...