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Laura McClure Atlanta Complaints & Reviews

Laura McClure Atlanta / SOCIOPATH

Nov 26, 2014

Believe it or not, whoever wrote about Laura McClure did the right thing. This will sound terribly unprofessional but you did the right thing by reporting Laura McClure of Atlanta. You saved thousands of men from losing money, time and their hearts. I realize Laura McClure is more than just a rip off artist, she's a DANGEROUS THREAT TO "MEN-KIND." She hustles men. Multiple men, simultaneously. I have worked in many jobs -psychic advisor (where basically I was a relationship strategist) and marriage coach, private relationship counselor, etc. My site is psychichelena (dot com) And believe...

Laura McClure Atlanta - Georgia, Atlanta / **** Warning Proceed with Caution ****

Nov 24, 2014

If you run into Laura McClure of Atlanta, Georgia (also uses the name Ellie McClure) proceed with caution. Ms. Laura McClure has a long history of lies and betrayal, which includes her fabricating sad stories to make you feel sorry for circumstances. She is a pathological liar and uses the front of a well spoken cute girl to have you enter her fantasy world until her lies and past starts to surface. Here are some facts she was raised in Central California until she ripped off her parent's religious store of a large amount of money. That resulted in her parents asking her to leave the nest and...