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Laser Hair Removal Complaints & Reviews

Laser Hair Removal - Florida, Fort Myers / Negligence

Suzanne Gee on May 5, 2015

Manager of facility was more concerned in sale and finances than client satisfaction. Due to Stephanie Sharp's negligent act of not allowing a simple drawing, as was given by another employee for self explanatory areas, the bikini area turned to be a mess (looked like hairless cat), but now a tiny soul patch where I did not want hair. May sound like vanity, but it is that this 50 yr old woman is now left feeling neutered & ridiculous. After $2, 500 in bikini area, and a total of 7K, this person would not recommend this business. Hair is now returning in all areas treated, and one area...

Laser Hair Removal - Wisconsin, Greenfield / Buyer Beware

hzjewl on Oct 1, 2014

BUYER BEWARE! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />Ideal Image is a complete scam. Their advertising is false, misleading and illegal. Their consultants work on commission and will mislead you, misrepresent their services, and outright lie, just to get you to sign their contract. They charge nearly ten thousand dollars, (morethan 800 dollars per treatment) not caring if their services work for you or not. “Not having to shave” is the first of many lies you will be told. I was told “You’re going to love not having to...

Laser Hair Removal - Texas, Austin / Horrible and Rip Off


Do not get any laser hair removal from this place!! I can honestly say without a doubt, that the 3year almost 4 experience with this place, has been the worst experience of my 40yr old life!! Financially and personally!! Extremely unprofessional and it has never worked!! Please take this complaint seriously! I don't want anyone else to have to suffer the way that I have!!!

Laser Hair Removal - North Carolina, Cornelius / Customer Service & Refund


Rude Manager Ms. Siddhi Patel, called police when I voice my complain of no refund and poor service quality. I was there with my 3 month old baby. Have never been through such insult ever in my life before. She only care about her money and nothing else. I am leaving the country but she still refuse to refund the money back, so now its like open stealing and theft under the name of a Spa.

Laser Hair Removal - Colorado / Services not working


I bought a hair removal package from American Laser Center for $8000 with extended warranty. Service will be ending for me soon and I have not seen any results - at all. No lightening of hair, no elimination or sparseness. I have been going regularly for 2 years now and since my 2 years is almost up some of the technicians are telling me I will need to purchase more to continue treatment and some technicians are telling me I might have a testosterone problem or my settings are not high enough. A few of the technicians have been downright nasty, telling me that my pore size is decreasing, and...

Laser Hair Removal - Arizona, Phoenix / cheaters


I went to the local office in Phoenix for a "Free" Consultation. I told the manager that I had done my research and that the YAG Laser is good for Asian Skin Type. They confirmed that they have the YAG Laser and would use that on me. Then I asked for the number of years of experience their staff had, and they said over one year. I felt comfortable and signed up for the permanent hair removal treatments. Then during my first appointment, they did not use the YAG Laser for hair removal Treatment, So I got suspicious. For the next appointment, I went prepared with a mini video and audio...

Laser Hair Removal - Georgia, Martinez Augusta / deceptive

I haven't started my treatments yet, but in reading my contract information closer...I was deceived. It's my own fault, but if you have to be so on gaurd for scams, the business should be avoided all together. First of all, the consultant didn't examine the hair in places I elected to have treatment. Had she, she would have noted that I wanted a lot of peach fuzz removed...the contract specifically says that peach fuzz doesn't respond to laser hair treatment. Secondly, the consultant went on and on, acting like I was getting a STEAL for what I was paying ($7, 000 for 4 full...

Laser Hair Removal - Georgia, Atlanta / HAIR REMOVAL IS NOT PERMANENT


To Gary Graves, This letter is in reference to a complaint I have filed against American Laser Centers. I have attached a letter I sent to ALC in August of 2008 which gives a detailed account of my 3 year ordeal with ALC. I began my formal letter writing to ALC in August 2008. Prior to this I was in direct contact with Dana Ehrman at the Buckhead clinic. My main point of contact with ALC has been Dana Ehrman at the Buckhead office # 404-603-8515. After about a year of treatments at the Johnson Ferry clinic, I was transferred to the Buckhead clinic to begin treatment on a newer more effective...

Laser Hair Removal / Closed facility, alternative not accepting clients, 161 mile drive to next choice


This is a retraction, with apologies, regarding statements I made, accusing Michelle. I went to United Laser Clinics as a stress relief after two very bad years. My memory clearly suffers for them. It was a different ULC employee who e-mailed me misinformation and unrealistic alternatives regarding continuation of treatment, followed by a lack of response when I requested specifics. I was confused by the accusations of other complainers who thought Michelle was the owner of ULC. The Better Business Bureau has a different name for the owner. I strongly suggest you look there...

Laser Hair Removal - New York, Manhattan / Abrupt closing

I bought a package of eight (8) laser hair removal for my face. I received my first treatment @ 40 exchange. I called to schedule my second, I was told they were going to relocate and I would have to use there midtown location. Agreed, I had no choice scheduled my second one at 1775 Broadway. When I called to scheduled the next one, I got the run around, the story that they were going to merge with another company, and that I will be contacted in the next two (2) weeks. A month went by, when I called they had gone out of bussiness. They closed down and took everybody's money. So unfair. Now, my treatment is incomplete, will have to go to another center and get more money...

Laser Hair Removal - Texas, Sugar Land / Paid $9,000...Horrible Treatment!


I began laser hair removal treatments with Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa in August 2006. I purchased a full body hair removal package (arms, underarms, face, back, stomach, buttocks, bikini, legs) which cost me $9, 000 in installments over 4 months. She did my first treatment and told me that she would be in the room during all of my treatments. I hardly saw her after my first session, unless it was time to make my payment. She must have found it much easier to just TELL my laser specialist what settings I should be on without even looking at my hair or progress, because that's exactly...

Laser Hair Removal - California / Laser burns


HAVE YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONE BEEN BURNT BY LIGHTSHEER OR OTHER LASER MACHINE. YOU MAY BE ABLE TO GET COMPENSATION FOR YOUR PAIN AND SUFFERING. [email protected] BELOW IS MY STORY, Don't let them get you!!! Hair Removal. Hello my name is Mandy I am a model and actress. A couple of years ago I would never have dreamed of having laser hair removal. I am not particularly hairy, but about 4 years ago a friend of mine had been having IPL treatments in the UK. I was surprised at how silky her skin felt and how smooth it was and I thought “wow, I would love to have skin like that”. My skin...

Laser Hair Removal - Texas, Clear Lake City / Scars and Unsatisfaction with company


I have been a customer of American laser Centers for 3 years. They told me my hair would be gone in 6 treatments. After all this time and paying 3700 dollars I still have 50% hair left and they are NOW asking for 8800 MORE dollars to continue my treatments. I asked the manager Hailey to atleast let my microderms continue because I have scars which the LASER caused (the manager Tiffany (the only nice manager at ALC, but who doesn't work there anymore) let me get them because of the severity of my scarring. She said my microderms "cost the company too much". This company sucks. Don't...