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Ladwp Complaints & Reviews

Ladwp - California, Los Angeles / Suspicious and rude employee from LADWP

Apr 03, 2014

The rep of the company LADWP Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power recently wanted to entry to my gate, and when I asked to provide the ID, he got stressed and started to behave really rude and unprofessional. He almost yelled at me. He told me a lot of unpleasant words and he called me paranoid. But he didn’t show his ID, and it was really suspicious. So I have no idea who this guy was, but be careful and ask ID first. And if you have the similar situation, post your comments.

Ladwp - California, Porter Ranch / abuse of other workers on new construction jobsites

Dec 15, 2012

ladwp crew "team mutant misfits" as they named themselves on their truck side. Set up a bilge pump in the road, directly down the middle and pumped 100 of gallons of polluted water onto our products and tools we had just unloaded, prior to their arrival, and when confronted about such negligence and disrespect they laughed and told us not to be in the gutter. They knew exactly what they were doing and couldn't care less about damaging our property. This absolute arrogance and teamed disrespect seemed common to them . I want some definitive action taken with this regard.I have photos and video of this action.