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Kolkka Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Kolkka Furniture / Response to a complaint posting

May 3, 2013

Dear Customer Service, Can someone at Complaints Board please contact me about how to respond to a complaint that has been posted for years on your site. I am the owner of Kolkka Furniture and would like to address the issues presented. This is my 4th attempt to rectify this over the last several years - yet I get no reply from you or the anonymous claimant. Please contact me at [email protected] . Perhaps you should include a check box on your website that offers an option to respond. Otherwise how is resolution even possible ? Thank you - John Kolkka

Kolkka Furniture - California, Redwood City / Bad service


I purchased a metal table with acid finish from Kolkka 4-5 years ago. This is an extremely high end manufacturer and we paid thousands for the table. Unfortunately, over the years, the table has become discolored where food/drink has come in contact with the acid finish. Obviously, the table is well out of any warrently period -- however, I have been very disappointed with Kolkka's customer service. My experience is that high end manufacturers often go out of their way to fix a problem that are clearly their's, regardless of the actual warrenty. I would warn potential Kolkka customers to ask a lot of questions about how robust the actual product is, expecially the finish.