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Kilifi Tupou Haatoa Complaints & Reviews

Kilifi Tupou Haatoa - California, Redwood City / walkway paving, tree trimming

Nov 07, 2018

(I'm finding all this out while auditing my mom's finances.) This guy has scammed my mother out of over $10, 000 this past year doing repeated, unnecessary work. Charges an outrageous amount of money ($1900/day when he pays the day laborer from Home Depot $200 to do the work - while he stands in the shade with his arms folded), does shoddy work (charged $1200 to fix what he screwed up earlier in the year), didn't connect sidewalks at corners because it was too difficult. He's great at scamming vulnerable, elderly people. Always keeps coming back and saying, oh, looks like you need that done...

Kilifi Tupou Haatoa - California, Redwood City / tree trimming service

Nov 06, 2018

He came to my mothers house on Sunday Nov. 4, 2018 wanting to trim her trees. They negotiated a price and he wanted to be paid up front. She only agreed to pay 1/2 up front and the rest when the job was done. He started the work (after taking the check to the bank). He left and said he would be back the next day. She told him she would not be home all day and what time to come. He came the next day first time while she was not home but did not ring the bell. He came back later after she had left again and I spoke to him. He wanted to do much more trimming than originally discussed and wa...